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13. Make up sentences, use the


  1. to drink coffee

  2. to clean the floor

  3. to wash the dishes

  4. to water the plants

  5. to do lessons

  6. to write the test following word combinations:

Not yet done

  1. to take the dog for a walk

  2. to do the shopping

  3. to have breakfast

  1. to cook dinner

  2. to paint the walls

  3. to make tea

  1. Complete the sentences with a verb from the list. Use the Present Perfect {have/has + the Past Participle of the verbs). Translate into Russian.

win paint read take go break buy see finish do lose play

1. "Is Tom here?" "No, he ... to work." 2. Your house looks different. ... you ... it? 3. I can't find my umbrella. Somebody ... it. 4. "Do you want the newspaper?" "No. thanks. I... it." 5. How many times ... Brazil ... the World'Cup? 6. "Are they still having dinner?" "No, they ... ." 7.1... some new shoes. Do you want to see them? 8. "... you ... the shopping?" "No, I'm going to do it later.' 9. "Where is your key?" "I don't know. I ...it." 10. Look! Somebody ... that window.ll. "... you ever ... the new picture by Picasso?" "Yes." 12. "....you ever ... golf?" "Yes, once."

  1. Write for or since. Translate into Russian.

1. Nobody lives in those houses. They have been empty ... many years. 2. Mrs Harris is in her office. She's been there ... 7 o' clock. 3. India has been an independent country ... 1947. 4. Our family haven't heard from him ... five months. 5. We haven't seen each other ... that evening at Mr. Grey. 6. She's been in London ... Monday. 7. She has worked for this company ... April. 8. Mike has been ill ... a long time. He's been in hospital ... October. 9. My aunt has lived in Australia ... 15 years. 10. I haven't spoken to Mary ... Christmas. 11. Cris hasn't phoned his friend ... May. 12. I've known her .... a long time.

  1. Put the verbs in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple:

1. I'm delighted to tell you that you (to pass) your exam. 2. "Have you got any money?" "Yes, I (to borrow) it from my brother." 3. We (to stay) in Moscow during our last holidays and not (to go) anywhere. 4. It is the first time I... (to drive) a car. 5. In what field of physics this scientist (to do) research at that period? 6. When you (to arrive) in Moscow? 7. They ... (to get) that flat twelve years ago. 8.1... (not /see) Tom for ages. 9. Who (to support) you in that discussion? 11. I ... never ... (to sail) again since that journey. 10. Last year Robert ... (to start) learning English. 11. Bob ... already ... (to arrive) at the airport at 19.30. 12.1 (to read) already the main part of his paper.

  1. Choose the form of the Participle in each sentence.

A) Participle I B) Participle II

1. I don't find this story (amusing, amused). 2. Can you smell something (burning, burned)? 3.1 didn't enjoy the party because I was (boring, bored) there. 4. Deeply (shocking, shocked) I left them. 5. He walked along the road with his collar (turning, turned) up, hands in pockets.

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