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  1. with northerly winds — при северных ветрах

  2. close southward of N.—непосредственно к югу от Н.

  3. off the southern side of К.—мористее южной стороны К.

  4. at high (low) water — в полную (малую) воду

  5. to send in a heavy sea — вызывать большое волнение

  6. in the same direction — в том же направлении

  7. in the opposite direction — в противоположном направлении


1. This anchorage is sheltered

from northerly winds.

2. This anchorage is dangerous

with northerly winds.

3. This anchorage affords a good


4. Anchorage can be obtained

under F.

5. There is much room to swing

at the anchorage.

  1. To anchor closer in

  2. To anchor with the tower

bearing about 89°

8. To anchor with B. tower just

open southward of D. church.

Эта якорная стоянка защище­на от северных ветров.

Эта якорная стоянка опасна при северных ветрах.

Эта якорная стоянка предо­ставляет хорошее укрытие.

Можно получить якорную сто­янку под укрытием Ф.

Якорная стоянка имеет много места для маневрирования (разворачивания).

Становиться на якорь ближе к берегу

Стать на якорь, имея башню на пеленге около 89°

Становиться на якорь с башней Б. несколько к югу от церкви Д. (Становиться на якорь, имея башню Б. в незначитель­ном растворе к югу от церкви Д.)



  1. Anchorage may be obtained in Holmavik, during the fine weather season.

  2. Anchorage may be obtained close southward of Hjalleyrd, in depths of from 15 to 22 fathoms.

  3. Excellent anchorage may be obtained near the head of the fiord, off Hrofberg in depths of from 14 to 21 fathoms.

  4. Temporary anchorage may be obtained in depths of from 16 to 22 fathoms about 2 miles east-south-eastward of Heggstadur.



  1. Good temporary anchorage, during easterly winds, may be obtained off the southern side of Kalfshamarn.

  2. Good anchorage, with northerly winds may be obtained south­ward of Thordarhordi, in depths of 6 from to 7 fathoms, good hold­ing ground.

  3. Anchorage may be obtained in a position about half a cable off the northern shore of Sudaurfjorutangi, with the southern side of Hellir in line with Goltur bearing about 41°. But the holding ground at this anchorage is not good.

  4. Anchorage sheltered from north-westerly winds can be obtained in depths of 8 or 9 fathoms, on the line of the leading beacons. Good holding ground.

  5. In winter and autumn, however, more sheltered anchorage can be obtained off Engey in depths of 6 or 6V2 fathoms. The holding ground is good.

  1. Anchorage may be obtained during easterly winds off Klauf, in a depth of 14 fathoms, rock, sand, and stones, with the summit of Daldjall in line with the western extremity of the coast southward of it, bearing about 355°, and the eastern extremity of Hellisey in line with the west side of Sudwey, bearing about 207°.

  2. Anchorage may be obtained during southerly winds, off the northern side of Heimey, westward of Heimaklettur, where the bottom consists of rock, sand, shells, and small stones.

  3. The anchorage may be approached with Heimey Church in line with Dragar, a rock, 54 feet high, westward of Heimaklettur, bearing about 185°.

  4. Anchorage can be obtained by small vessels with local know­ledge during easterly winds, in Boruvik. Vessels anchor in a depth of about 14 fathoms, good holding ground.

  5. Excellent anchorage, in a depth of about 11 fathoms, good holding ground, may be obtained, by vessels with local know­ledge, at the head of Ingelsfjordur.

  6. Anchorage may be obtained, by vessels with local knowledge westward of Arnesseyjar, with the northern extremity of that islet bearing about 85°, and Armes Church, in the southwestern corner of the bay, bearing about 202°.

  7. Teis Bay (Lat. 42°16' N.. Long. 8°41' W.), eastward of Vigo, affords safe anchorage sheltered from all winds, in 6 fathoms. There is also sufficient sheltered space about a quarter of a mile eastward of Bestias and Ronde Points, at the entrance of the shallow basin, for a number of vessels.

  8. The bay affords excellent shelter from north-westerly winds, which prevail in summer, but it is insecure in winter, when winds from opposite directions prevail. A good anchorage is in 6 fathoms, mud, between the villages of Escarabote and Exteiro.

  1. There is good anchorage for small craft in Caraminal Bay at 2 cables from the beach. Large vessels anchor, in 6 fathoms about 6 cables SE by E V2 E from the mole; the bottom is muddy sand, very good holding ground. But in strong winds there is much swell.

  2. The bottom is rocky within 1V2 cables of the beach, but vessels can anchor in the centre of the bay in more than 8 fathoms, gravel, where they are sheltered from winds between WSW and NNE.

  3. The best anchorage is abreast of the piers about 4 cables distant from the shore in 4 fathoms, fine sand; farther off the ground is foul.

  4. With north-westerly or north-easterly winds, Eastbourne Bay affords good shelter in 3V2 fathoms, sand, abreast of the Grand Hill with Wellingdon Church spire open westward of the redoubt, 314° true, and Langney Point 25° true.

  5. Anse de Benedot, off the entrance of the Odet affords good anchorage for large vessels in 5 fathoms water, mud, and sand, good holding ground, sheltered completely from winds between WSW and East, through North; but with strong winds from SSE to WSW through South, the sea becomes heavy at high water.

  6. Large vessels anchor in 7 to 10 fathoms, sand, and mud, with le Pouleins light in line with Garean Tower and Pointe de Tailleger, 290°, and le Gres Rocher, 175°. Small vessels anchor close in. This position is well sheltered from South and SW winds but with strong north-westerly or south-easterly winds there is a very heavy sea.

  7. Anchorage may be obtained by vessels with local knowledge westward of Arnesyjar with the northern extremity of that island bearing 85° and Arnes Church, in the south-western corner of the bay, bearing 202°. But with northerly and north­easterly winds the anchorage is exposed.

  8. Anchorage exposed to the westward may be obtained in a bay on the west side of the island.

  9. Anchorage with good shelter except from winds between NNE and ESE, which send in a heavy sea, may be obtained in about 6 fathoms with Kunu Island bearing 167°. The bottom is coarse sand and shells.

  10. Anchorage, sheltered from easterly and southerly winds may be taken off Vagavik, in a depth of about 16 fathoms, fine sand and mud, northward of Vagastapi. The anchorage is dangerous with northerly winds which send in a heavy sea.

  11. Temporary anchorage during southerly winds could be found in the south-western part of Flokkavik, but only by vessels with local knowledge, for this part of the coast is fringed with rocks, a number of which do not dry.



  1. There is also good anchorage sheltered from easterly winds about one mile southward of Loe Pool (Lat. 50°04' N., Long. 5° 18' W.), in 7 fathoms, fine sand; also in 11 fathoms, hard sand, off Porthaven, with Helston Church bearing 43° true and Cudden Point about 297° true.

  2. Vessels may also anchor with the foot of the hill on the northern side of the fiord in line with a conspicuous hummock on the spit, bearing about 312°, see view facing page 402, and either a conspicuous hill on the southern side of the fiord opposite to the station in line with the outer end of the spit or the factory flagstaff in line with the middle house on the spit; but the holding ground in either of these positions being ooze, is bad.

  3. There is a very good anchorage for vessels drawing 20 feet of water, in from 4 to 5 fathoms, mud, at about half a mile east-north-eastward of Sablancea Point; the only inconvenience is the tidal stream, the rate of which reaches 1V2 knots. Anchor with Fort Boyard in line with Lavardin Tower, 36° W. and St. Laurent Church open north of the Fort de la Pree.

  4. Large vessels should anchor off Katsuni Ura, on the east side of the entrance. The best anchorage in Actoiriye is in a depth of 5V2 fathoms, over muddy bottom, at one mile southward of Kane Saki, and small vessels can go farther westward in the inlet, in depths of from 3 to 2V2 fathoms. The anchorage off Obama is in a depth of 4 fathoms, over mud, at half a mile south-south-westward of Ко Shima.

  5. Jogo Wan, on the west side of the harbour, is the safest anchor­age in the bay; it has depths of from 7 to 10 fathoms, over a hard muddy bottom, forming excellent holding ground and is well protected from all winds.

  6. Nakai Ura and Anamizu Ura afford excellent sheltered anchor­age for all classes of vessels, the former in depths of from 11 to 12 fathoms, and the latter in from 6 to 7 fathoms water, the bottom being muddy in both inlets. There are also many other bays or inlets where anchorage may be taken up, depend­ing upon the winds.

  7. Anchorage, in from 6 to 7 fathoms, may be obtained in the centre of the bay, during offshore winds, the bottom being sand and shells, but within 2 cables of the northern shore of the bay it is rocky.

  8. In Setozaki Ко the anchorage sheltered from all winds is in depths of from 5 to 6 fathoms, over sand and mud, a good berth being in about 5V2 fathoms half a mile south-westward of Lakawa Bana.

  9. Vessels are recommended to anchor about a mile from the north shore of the bay, in depths of from 6 to 12 fathoms, the bottom being generally mud, mixed with sand near the shore, and a good berth is about half a mile south-eastward of Ouaiha Hana; in 4 to 5 fathoms.

  1. Small vessels may anchor westward of Nazimova Point in from 3 to 4 fathoms, over sand and ooze, and those between 9 to 11 feet draught can find anchorage on the west or northwest side of Novgorod Peninsula, about 2l/2 cables from Tirolya Point in about 3 fathoms over shells.

  2. There is temporary anchorage in easterly winds in Blakiszen Bay, in 9 to 12 fathoms, over sand, on the east side of the island, or fair anchorage in Nemo Wan, on the north-west side, in from 10 to 13 fathoms, over mud, a quantity of kelp grows round the island.


Noun (n)

Verb (v)


to berth


to level


to dock


to number

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