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6. Fill in the missing prepositions:

Financial services companies are rushing to provide teenagers ... easier ways ... spending their savings online.

Teenagers are just the sort ... people an Internet retailer wants to sell and the things they want to buy - games, CDs and clothing- are easily sold ... the Web.

But paying online is a tricky business ... consumers who are too young to own credit cards.

... most cases, parents pay ... these purchases ... credit cards, an arrangement that is often unsatisfactory ... them and their children.

One way to help them convert notes and coins ... cybercash is ... prepaid cards such ... Internet Cash ... the US and Smart cards ... the UK.

(with (2), of (2), to, on, for (3), in (3), into, through, as)

7. Answer the following questions:

1. How can companies use their presence on the Web?

2. What do businesses use the e-mail for?

3. What may a corporate website be used for?

4. What is one of the advantages of the E-commerce?

5. What are bricks-and-mortar shops?

6. What does a company need to succeed in trade?

7. How can marketing be achieved on the Web?

8. What can companies use the Internet for?

9. What is a time-saving method of communication?

10. How can companies use the Web for recruitment purposes?

11. Why do large corporations place their annual reports on their websites0

12. Do you shop on the Internet? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


Choose the word or word combination to match the definition.

1. A device or program that enables data to be transmitted over the

telephone line.


a) keyboard b) modem c) hard disk

2 A device that is used for copying a picture or document into a computer,

a) scatter b) scan c) scanner

3. A small device for controlling computer functions.

a) mousse b) mouse c) mover

4. A piece of equipment used for printing documents you have created on a


a) disk drive b) monitor c) printer

5 A computer networking link restricted to a specific group of users,

a) Internet b) Intranet c) WW W

6. A place on the Internet where information is available about a particular

subject, organization, etc.

a) website b) web cast c) web traffic

7. A computer program that allows you to look at and search through

information on the Internet.

a) bruiser b) browser c) brunch

8. An address on the Internet.

a) household name b) domain name c) good name

9. A system for sending messages from one computer to another.

a) mailbox b) mail carrier c) e-mail

10. A business that supplies goods or services to a purchaser,

a) shipper b) supplier c) producer

11. The user name (in e-mail address).

a) identification b) identity c) identifier

12. A type of television service that broadcasts its programs by cable,

giving its customers access to more channels.

a) cable TV b) satellite TV c) televisual

13 Buying and selling goods on the Internet.

a) e-mail b) e-commerce c) trade

14. To start using a computer system, for example by typing a particular word.

a) delete b) call up c) log on

15. To move information to your computer from a computer system or the


a) to downshift b) to download c) to downsize


16 To look for information on a computer, especially on the Internet,

a) to wipe b) to attach c) to browse

17. To make a computer do something by pressing a button on the mouse,

a) to edit b) to click c) to insert

18. A computer fanatic, often someone who illegally enters computer systems.

a) hacker b) hackney c) hacksaw

19. A minor fault in a computer system or in a computer program,

a) bulge b) bugle c) bug

20.The programs used by computers for doing particular jobs,

a) hardware b) software c) softwood



You decide to invest some money in a company. Your final choice is between a pharmaceutical company and a cable operator.

What do you think each company does? Use the words to help you.

to develop to manufacture to prepare to launch to provide to expand

Read the text and complete the table below.

Pharmaceutical company Cable operator

What the company does

Current activities

BA = Business analyst

BA: Right, so the first company I want to look at is a pharmaceuticals company. It develops and manufactures a wide range of medicines and it's currently developing a new drug against asthma. Well, as you all know, more and more people are suffering from asthma so they hope to make a healthy profit from this drug. The company is currently preparing to launch a TV advertising campaign. As you may know, it is illegal to show drugs on TV, so the campaign focuses on the illnesses not the drugs. It will be interesting to see public reaction to this.

BA: So let's have a look at the second company. This company is a cable operator. Well, it provides cable television to thousands and thousands of homes but it wants to expand and it's developing a new high-speed Internet service. Now,

this service uses cables not phone wires and this means it is very fast, 100 times faster than a normal phone line. As you know, the number of people who are using the internet is growing and growing and everyone wants instant information so this is a company with a great future.



Q Which of these suggestions do you agree with?

To make an effective presentation, you should:

1 find out as much as possible about your audience.

2 introduce yourself (name, position, company).

3 start with a joke.

4 outline the structure of your talk.

5 vary the tone of your voice.

6 refer to your notes as often as possible.

7 use clear visual aids.

8 summarise your main points.

Read a presentation about Тага Fashions.

(MR = Marta Rodriguez)


Good morning, everyone. Thanks for coming to my presentation. My name's Marta Rodriguez. I'm Personnel Director of Тага Fashions. I'm going to talk to you today about our company. First, I'll give you some basic information about Тага Fashions. Then I'll talk about our overseas stores. After that I'll outline the strengths of the company. Next I'll talk about career opportunities with Тага. And finally I'll mention our future plans. I'll be pleased to answer any questions at the end of my talk. Let me start with some basic facts about Тага. The company started in 1978. We are a family-owned business and our head office is in Cordoba, Spain. We sell clothes for men and women, and our customers are mainly fashion-conscious people aged 20 to 35. We have 15 stores in Spain. All of the stores are very profitable.

Right, those are the basic facts. Let me add a few figures. We have an annual turnover of about €260 million. Our net profits last year were approximately €16 million. We have a workforce of just over 2,000 employees. So those are the numbers. Now about our overseas stores. We have 4 large stores in France and another 10 in other European countries. We are planning to open 5 new stores next year. What are our strengths? We keep up with fashion trends. If we spot a trend, we can bring out a new design in 15 days. And we get it to the stores very quickly. We deliver to stores twice a week. And we sell our designs at the right price.

OK, now what about career opportunities? It's quite simple. If you are ambitious and fashion-conscious, we have opportunities in all areas of our business. We will welcome you with open arms. Finally, a few words about our new project. We are planning to open a new store in New York next year -on Fifth Avenue. This will give us a foothold in the US market. We're very excited about this new development.

Well, thanks very much for listening to my talk. Are there any questions?

A. Complete the chart.

Тага Fashions

Where is the head office? Cordoba, Spain

What does it sell?


Who are its customers?

Annual turnover?

Annual net profits?

Number of stores: in Spain?

in other European cities?


Future plans?

B. Invent a company. Use the headings in Exercise A to help you prepare a presentation about it. Then work in pairs. Make a presentation about the company. Ask questions after your partner's presentation.

Useful language

Outlining the presentation

First, I'll give you some basic information.

Secondly, I'll talk about our stores in other countries.

Next, I'll talk about career opportunities.

Last of all, I want to look at our future plans.

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