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3. Give the English for:

мати великий вплив; діловий світ; збіпьшувати продуктивність; спрощувати послуги; кредитна картка; зберігати, відшукувати та обробляти дані індивідуальний користувач; кишеньковий комп'ютер; настільний комп'ютер; переносний комп'ютер; апаратне забезпечення; програмне забезпечення; порушення функціонування; помилка в програмі; хакер; застосування комп'ютерів.

4. Match the words from list A with the words from list В that have a similar meaning


impact intent

application mistake

simplify conceal

accuracy intentionally

delibertatly exactness

hide make less complex

error use

intention influence


5. Look at these words which are used to describe computer equipment. Match them with the correct definition .

monitor , hard disk, modem, keaboard, mouse, disk drive, printer, scanner

1. the part of a computer that holds the display screen;

2. the set of keys that you use to enter information into the computer;

3. a small device that controls the movements of the cursor (the small vertical line) on the screen;

4. a machine connected to the computer which you use to transfer information onto paper;

5. a device or program that enables data to be transmitted over the telephone line;

6. a device that reads data from paper and enters it into the computer

7. part of a computer on which data is stored long term;

8. a machine that reads data from and stores data on a disk, a hard disk or a floppy disk;

6. Write the appropriate word or phrase in the following spaces. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

1. Computers have ... in business.

2. Let's ... the job by dividing it into smaller tasks.

3. Computers process ... to create information.

4. The ... of that computer simply turns it on and starts typing.

5. We have three ... in our office.

6. That store sells computer ..., such as PCs, printers, and modems.

7. I use communications ... to exchange knowledge with other computer users.

8. The computer virus caused ....

9. ... allow our employees to keep in touch with the office while on business trips.

10. ... is a computer fanatic, often someone who illegally enters computer systems.

11. A computer crash may be caused by ... .

12. Have you seen the ... application that allows you to translate your documents into English?

a hacker, palmtops, a malfunction, software (2), hardware, desktops, user, data, simplify, applications, a bug.

7. Study the verbs which are usually used when talking about using computers. Consult your dictionary and translate them into Ukrainian.

click (on) e.g. First click on "file", then on "new", and then

start typing.

edit e.g. The company annual report was edited,

enter e.g. The command on the computer screen told me

to enter my name, so I typed it in.

insert e.g. The tables were inserted and the report was finished.

open e.g.Open the file called "management" and you'll get the information you need.


print e.g. He printed a letter on his computer's printer.

save e.g. Please save the paragraph on your screen so it will not be lost.

switch on e.g.I've forgotten to switch on the printer.

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