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2. Give the English for:

залишити роботу за власним бажанням; iти на пенсію; реорганізація компанії; втрата роботи; скорочення штатів; одержувати допомогу при звільненні з роботи; компенсувати службовцю втрату роботи; заробляти rpoшi; звільняти з роботи (когось); безробітний; реагувати на економічні проблеми.

3. Match words from list a with words from list в that have a similar meaning:


resign jobless

vary sack

fire quit (one’s job)

redundancy change

receive sum

salary dismissal

amount obtain

unemployed wages

4. Find suitable opposites to the following words and phrases:

hire, remain, find, waste, voluntarily, location, receive, closure, early, react, jobless.

5. Match the words with the correct definition.

1. unemployed a. a situation in which a worker agrees to give up his/her job;

2 .to dismiss b. to give up a job or position;


3. to earn c. to stop work, esp. because of age;

4. closure d. the act of bringing something to an end;

5.to resign e. moving a person or an organization from one place to another;

6.to retire f. to remove an employee from a job or position;

7. voluntary redundancy g. a payment made to an employee as a compensation for the loss of a job;

8. relocation h. to get money by working;

9. redundancy payment i. to leave a job at an earlier age;

10.to take early retirement j. without a job; idle.

6. Divide the words and word combinations in the box into two columns.

dismissed, laid off, fired, made redundant, sacked, offered early retirement, terminated

If you've done something wrong, If you've done nothing wrong, you

you are ... are ...

-------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

-------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

-------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------


7. Write the appropriate word or phrase in the following spaces. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

1. She decided to take ... rather than a cut in pay.

2. She has ... from her post as marketing manager.

3. He was asked ... when the fraud was discovered.

4. He ... from the bank after 30 years service.

5. The usual age of... is 60.

6. The bank clerk was ... for dishonesty.

7. Over 500 steel workers face ....

8. A slump in business has led to the ... of many factories.

9. The merger will result in ... .

10. If he is late again he will get... .

11. The employee protested against the reason for his ... .

12. The company has ... a section of its employees.

13. My friend was ... from her job yesterday.

, retirement, retired, to re

Terminated, laid off, dismissal, the sack, relocation, closure, redundancy, fired, retirement, retired, to resign, resigned, voluntary redundancy.

8. Fill in the missing prepositions.


Redundancy is the situation that results when an employee's contract ... employment is ended because that job no longer exists or is no longer needed. A factory might close which would make all the workforce redundant, or, ... a factory, a new machine might make a particular job no longer necessary.


Workers who are made redundant have a right to receive compensation ... the form ... a lump-sum payment which varies ... the length ... service ... the employee. Many companies ... fact negotiate ... trade unions to give more than the minimum legal requirement ...

compensation, especially if they are asking ... workers to accept voluntary redundancy as opposed ... compulsary redundancy.

(to, down, in (3), within, according to, of (4), with, for)

9. Answer the following questions:

1. How can a person leave a job?

2. When does a person resign?

3. When does a person retire?

4. What do we call "early retirement"?

5. What is redundancy?

6. What is a redundancy payment?

7. Howis the compensation for the job loss calculated?

8. What do we call”outplacement”?

9. When is a person fired or sacked?

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