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9. Study the following organizational chart which shows the different positions in a company:

Chairman of the


Board of


Managing Director or


Vice-president Vice-president

Administration Sales and Marketing

Director Director Manager Manager

Personnel Purchasing Domestic International

Department Department Sales Sales

Personal Purchasing Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Clerk Manager Manager Manager Manager

Western Eastern Pacific Europe

Region Region Region

Look at the organizational chart and write the name of the position in the blank.

1. He is in charge of the company. Everyone reports to him. He makes all final decisions. He is the ------------- .

2. All of the sales personnel in Europe report to him. The Manager of International Sales supervises him. He is the --------------------- .

3. Her supervisor is responsible for ail purchases made by the company. She completes the forms for him to sign. She is the ----------------- .

4. She helps all new employees with their forms for health insurance, pay checks and so on. She is the --------------- .


5. The Directors of Personnel and Purchasing departments report to him, and he reports to the Managing Director. He makes sure the company runs efficiently. He is the ---------------.

10. Match each activity (1-8) with a department (a-h).

1- checking quality a) Legal

2. selling products b) Purchasing

3.buying materials c) Sales

4.organizing training d) Accounts

5.delivering goods e) Production

6.keeping a record of payments f) Human Resources

7.researching the market g) Marketing

8.advising on rules h) Transport

11. Answer the following questions:

1 What does the structure within which business can operate depend on?

2. What factors influence this structure?

3. Who is the company run by?

4. What is the Board of Directors responsible for?

5. Who is the head of the company? What is he/she responsible for?

6. Who supervises the Managing Director?

7. What departments do most companies have?

8. What is the Director responsible for?

9. Who reports to the Director?

10. Whom do personnel in each department report to?

11. Who elects the Board of Directors?

12. What is the difference between:

Chairman of the Board - Managing Director

Board of Directors - Personnel department

12. Make an organizational chart for a company you know about. Present the chart to your group-mates and tell what each person on your chart does.

13 Talk to your group-mate:

♦ which is the most interesting to work in:

finance department, sales department, marketing department, research and development department, personnel department.

14. Give your own order of importance of the following activities of a manager and give your reasons.

1. proper motivation of workers

2. making a profit

3. coordination of work

4. fighting competition

5. adherence to the goals set by the organization

6. creating agreeable working conditions

7. setting the organizational principles


15. Consult your dictionary and translate the sentences with the following idioms into Ukrainian. Think of situations where you could use them.

1. The secretary led her boss by the nose until she had spent all his money.

2.You will find it difficult to open a shop in the High Street. There is a lot of cutthroat competition in this town.


Choose the word or word combination to match the definition.

1. A person who works under you.

a) leader b) supervisor c) subordinate

2. A private individual who runs a one-man business

a) supplier b) sole trader c) partner

3. A very large organization that owns companies in more than one country.

a) association b) partnership c) multinational

4. The money gained in a business deal, esp. the difference between the

amount earned and the amount spent.

a) loan b) profit c) loss

5. To enter new types of business.

a) to succeed b) to cooperate c) to diversify

6. The sale of goods in large amounts, and usually at lower prices, to stores

and businesses.

a) retail trade b) wholesale trade c) free trade

7. The sale of a business or service owned by the government to private


a) nationalization b) restriction c) privatization

8. A firm run by two or more partners.

a) consortium b) sole proprietorship c) partnership

9 A company in which the owners are entirely liable for the debts of the


a) unlimited liability company b) partnership c) limited liability company

l0. Money owed by one person or an organization to another.

a) wealth b) debt c) profit

11.A market where stocks and shares are bought and sold under fixed


a) foreign exchange b) commodity exchange c) stock exchange

12. A sum of money invested in a business.

a) stake b) dividend c) interest

13. Combining two companies into one larger company,

a) bid b) witness c) merger

14. A business or part of business bought by another company,

a) purchase b) takeover c) sell-off

15. The workers or employees of an organization,

a) capital b) commodity c) staff

16. A person who works for another person, business or government,

a) employee b) colleague c) employer


17. A group of directors who are responsible for running a company and usually have legal responsibilities to it.

a) senior executives b) managing directors c) board of directors

18.State-owned and-run organizations.

a) insurance sector b) public sector c) retail sector

19.A limit on something.

a) restriction b) reservation c) regulation

20.A person who owns shares in a company.

a) creditor b) shareholder c) investor



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