Passive Voice - Present


Kerrie has paid the bill. – The bill has been paid by Kerrie.

I have eaten a hamburger.

We have cycled five miles.

I have opened the present.

They have not read the book.

You have not sent the parcel.

We have not agreed to this issue.

They have not caught the thieves.

Passive Voice - Future Simple

Jane will buy a new computer. – A new computer will be bought by Jane.

Her boyfriend will install it.

Millions of people will visit the museum.

Our boss will sign the contract.

They will not show the new film.

Will the company employ a new worker?

Will the plumber repair the shower?

Passive Voice - Present


Sheila is drinking a cup of tea. – A cup of tea is being drunk by Sheila.

My father is washing the car.

Farmer Joe is milking the cows.

She is taking a picture of him.

I am writing a poem.

Is she preparing the party?

He is not wearing a tie.

Is she watering the flowers?

Passive Voice - Past


We were talking about Francis. – Francis was being talked about.

He was playing the guitar.

She was watching a film.

I was repairing their bikes.

They were not eating dinner.

We were not painting the gate.

Were they carrying bags?

Passive Voice - Past Perfect

I had worn blue shoes. – Blue shoes had been worn.

Joe had cleaned the tables.

We had lost the key.

They had started a fight.

I had been reading an article.

I had not closed the window.

They had not bought the paper.

Mixed Exercise on Passive Voice

John collects money.

Anna opened the window.

We have done our homework.

I will ask a question.

The sheep ate a lot.

We do not clean our rooms.

William will not repair the car.

Did Sue draw this circle?


Если глагол имеет два дополнения в предложении в активном залоге, то из этого предложения можно сделать 2 предложения в страдательном залоге.

Someone gave Mary the stamps.

1. Mary was given the stamps.

2. The stamps were given to Mary.



Особое внимание необходимо обращать на PHRASAL VERBS, PREPOSITIONAL VERBS, PHRASEOLOGICAL UNITS в Форме страдательного залога.




to approve of


to do away with

to bring up

to give up

to find fault with

to laugh at

to let down

to make use of

to provide for

to point out

to make fun of

to rely on

to put off

to pay attention to

to refer to

to run over

to take notice of

to send for

to see off etc.

to put up with

to shout at etc.


to set fire to etc.


I disapproved of her behaviour. Students will laugh at you.

He provided for her well.

Our boss referred to this report. They put off the wedding.

All our friends saw him off.

His friend let him down.

Mary made use of the test results in the report.

I can’t put up with her attitude to her duties.

Her behaviour was disapproved of. You will be laughed at.

She was well provided for.

This report was referred to.

Their wedding was put off.

He was seen off by all our friends. He was let down by his friend.

The test results were made use of in the report.

Her attitude to her duties can’t be put up with.

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