1.What is her name?

2.How old is she?

3.What is she?

4.Has she got a family?

5.Has she got any children?

6.Are there any pets in the family?

7.Where is their flat?

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John Dallas is in his club at the moment. He is a businessman. He is a very rich man. He has a Rolls Royce and a big villa in the country. His life is great.

1. What is John Dallas? 2.Where is he at the moment? 3. Has he got a car? 4. What car has he got? 5. Where has he his big villa? 6. Is his life great?

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Tom Hall is a film director. At the moment he is in a plane over the Atlantic. He is on his way to Hollywood. There is a glass of champaigne in his hand, a smile on his face and a pretty actress opposite him.

Answer the questions:

1. Is Minsk a big city?

2.Is it the capital of The Republic of Belarus?

3.Is Minsk an old city?

4.Are there many interesting places in Minsk?

5.Has Minsk got modern buildings, theatres, museums, libraries?

6.Is Minsk a nice city?

7. Are you fond of Minsk?

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