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I. Decide whether the following statements are true or false according to the text:

1. The tunnel was constructed for pedestrians and now they use it.

2. The first attempt failed because of no possibility to dig the ground.

3. The tunneling shield was invented by Richard Trevithick in 1808.

4. A new thing about tunneling shield was the use of compressed air.

5. The construction of the tunnel was accomplished quickly.

6. No floods happened during construction period.

7. Because of floods the project was abandoned for 7 years.

8. The purpose of the tunnel was changed.

9. There was quite much controversy about construction of the tunnel.

10. Everybody has an advantage to visit the tunnel.

11. The tunnel was restored and converted into a museum.

12. The tunnel was the first to be written about.

II. Using the information given in the text complete the following table:


Completion Date:







III. Answer the following questions:

1. Why was the tunnel turned from a pedestrian to a train one?

2. Why did a previous attempt to construct the tunnel fail?

3. What was Marc Brunei’s approach at the start of the project?

4. What helped the engineers dig the tunnel?

5. Describe the shield used for the excavation.

6. What was new about the tunneling shield?

7. Were the working conditions dangerous?

IV. Fill in the correct prepositions and match the collocations:

1. the use


as a chief engineer

2. to take


the new surface

3. to be constructed



4. to impel smth


the treatment

5. to place the board


compressed air

6. to keep


gas leaks

7. to divide


the tunnel

8. to be advanced


three stages

9. the drainage


the vacant space

10. to be impeded


two screws

11. the need


pedestrian use

V. Say in other words:

1. The tunnel cannot usually be attended. 2. As a matter of fact, the tunnel was turned into museum. 3. The construction work went forward. 4. The construction failed because of the ground conditions. 5. The workers suffered from bad conditions. 6. The project started with tunneling a large shaft. 7. Work was slow, proceeding at 10 feet a week. 8. It was necessary to repair the hole at the underside. 9. To dig, or to tunnel means to take the ground away. 10. The tunnel was closed for prolonged maintenance.

VI. Guess the words in the text:

In March 1853, one of the earliest tunnel 1b_____ machines ground 10 feet into the Hoosac Mountain and died, never to run again. It remained stuck in its hole for many 2y_____ as a grim symbol of engineering 3f_____. In fact, it would take several failed 4a_____, 200 lives and 20 years to complete the Hoosac Tunnel.

When 5c_____ began in 1851, workers relied on gunpowder to 6b_____ through the mountain. Progress was slow as each blast produced only a few feet of shattered rock. In 1866, two tunnel blasting tools -- nitroglycerin and the 7c_____ air drill -- were used in the Hoosac for the first time. Workers blasted faster than ever before, but not without risk.

Nitroglycerine is an extremely unstable 8e_____. Hundreds of workers 9l_____ their lives in unexpected explosions. The Hoosac Tunnel remains a landmark in 10h_____-rock tunneling. Over the course of its construction, virtually every kind of tunnel 11d_____ device was used to 12b_____ through the Hoosac Mountain -- and virtually every kind of mistake was made. Thanks to these mistakes, engineers today can build longer tunnels in a fraction of the time.

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