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9.8 Bibliography

The data books from AMD, Atmel, and other PLD manufacturers are excellent sources of tutorials, examples, and information on PLD design. The EDIF tutorials produced by the EIA [ EDIF, 1988, 1989] are hard to find, but there are few other texts or sources that explain EDIF. EDIF does have a World Wide Web site at http://www.edif.org . The EDIF Technical Centre at the University of Manchester ( http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/cad , I shall refer to this as ~EDIF ) serves as a resource center for EDIF, including the formal information models of the EDIF language in EXPRESS format and the BNF definitions of the language syntax. There is a hypertext version of an EDIF 3 0 0 schematic file with hypertext links at ~EDIF/EDIFTechnicalCenter/software . CFI has a home page and links to other sites at http://www.cfi.org .

PALASM4 v1.5 is available as freeware from AMD at ftp://ftp.amd.com/pub/pld/software/palasm . The Data I/O home page at http://www.data-io.com is devoted mainly to Synario. The Viewlogic home page is http://www.viewlogic.com . Capilano Computing has a Web page at http://www.capilano.com with DesignWorks and MacABEL software. Protel ( http://www.protel.com/download.htm ) has Windows-based schematic-entry tools for FPGAs and a CUPL demonstration package. Logical Devices has a site at http://www.logicaldevices.com . Atmel has several demonstration and code examples for ABEL and CUPL at ftp://www.atmel.com/pub/atmel .

9.9 References

Page numbers in brackets after a reference indicate its location in the chapter body.

CFI Standards for Electronic Design Automation Release 1.0. 1992. CFI published a four-volume set in 1992, ISBN 1-882750-00-4 (set). The first volume, ISBN 1-882750-01-2, is approximately 300 pages and contains a brief introduction (approximately 10 pages) and the Electrical Connectivity model. Unfortunately two of the volumes were labeled as volume three. The (first) third volume is the Tool Encapsulation Specification, ISBN 1-882750-03-09 (approximately 100 pages). The (second) third volume, ISBN 1-882750-02-0, covers the Inter-Tool Communication Programming Interface (approximately 150 pages). The fourth volume, ISBN 1-882750-04-7, is approximately 100 pages long and covers the Computing Environment Services requirement [ reference location ].

EDIF is maintained by the EIA, EIA Standards Sales Office, 2001 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20006, (202) 457-4966 [ reference location ]:

EDIF Steering Committee. 1988. EDIF Reference Manual Version 2.0.0. Washington, DC: Electronic Industries Association. ISBN 0-7908-0000-4.

EDIF Steering Committee. 1988. Introduction to EDIF. Washington, DC: Electronic Industries Association. ISBN 0-7908-0001-2.

EDIF Steering Committee. 1989. EDIF Connectivity. Washington, DC: Electronic Industries Association. ISBN 0-7908-0002-0.

EDIF Schematic Technical Subcommittee. 1989. Using EDIF 2.0.0 for Schematic Transfer. Washington, DC: Electronic Industries Association.

EXPRESS Language Reference Manual. ISO TC184/SC4/WG5 Document N14, March 29, 1991 [ reference location ].

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