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1.Заполните данную таблицу, исходя из содержания текстов.

Legal professions










  1. Обсудите в парах следующие вопросы.

    1. -What is the most striking feature of the English legal profession?

    2. -Who represents the interests of clients in the higher courts?

    3. -What are solicitors concerned with?

    4. -What kinds of work do attorneys do?

    5. -What kinds of matters do attorneys act on?

    6. -What types of judges are legally qualified in the UK?

    7. -How can you prove that the systems of higher legal education in the USA and Russia could not be more different?

3. Вставьте пропущенные слова.

barrister, sentenced, commit, crimes, solicitor, witness, guilty(2 times), Magistrate’s Court, charged with, evidence, defence, suspect, sentence, accused, a trial, Crown Court

  1. The number of young people who _____ has risen sharply in recent years.

  2. The judge _____him to seven years’ imprisonment for armed robbery.

  3. After twelve hours, the Jury finally reached its verdict; the prisoner was _____.

  4. He was arrested by the police outside a pub in Soho and _____ _____ murder.

  5. There are two criminal courts in Britain – the _____ _____ for minor offences and the _____ _____ for more serious ones.

  6. A _____ is someone who sees a crime being committed.

  7. The lawyer who prepares the case for his or her client prior to appearing in court is called a _____. The lawyer who actually presents the case in court is called a _____.

  8. The witness held the Bible in her right hand and said: “I swear by Almighty God that the _____ I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”.

  9. At _____, the barrister who speaks for the accused is called the Counsel for the _____, while the barrister who speaks against him is called the Counsel for the prosecution.

  10. Unfortunately at the end of the trial my brother was found _____.

  11. Because of his past criminal record, Brian was the main _____

  12. Pauline decided to sue the police because she had been wrongly _____.

  13. The murderer of the children received a life _____.


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