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2.Find out different types of adjectives in the text and make up 10 sentences with them. Unit 3.What is to be a Man of Culture?


  1. What does it mean to you “being a cultured person?”

  2. When and where you realized that you belong to the cultural society?

  3. Who helped you to develop your personality culturally? Parents? Teachers? Some other people?

  4. How often do you visit exhibitions? Go to the theatre, to the concerts? What is your favorite genre of music?

  5. Who is your favorite writer? Do you like reading? Which books do you prefer to read-electronic or paper ones?

  6. Do like watching films? What are your favorite ones?

Reading and understanding

  1. You are going to read several texts which contain some tips how to become a person of culture. Before reading analyze what you already know (K) and what you want (W) to know on this issue. After reading decide what you learnt (L) and fill K-W-L chart.

What do I


What do I

WANT to know (W)

What did I


2. Read the text for general understanding Find the topic sentence in each paragraph. Pay special attention to the word combinations in bold. Define the main idea. Think of the title to the text.

(A) A cultured person can be someone who is well-read in books, who has watched and engaged with classic films, has a refined appreciation for art, etc. To be cultured is also to be educated about the world and its languages, to understand world politics and be well-read in world history. Above all, a cultured person is one who is interested in culture and engages in culture.

Read more. A large part of culture comes from books, as they have existed for a longer time than most other media. The obvious thing to do would be to read classic books, but if you're a first-time-reader, this will be daunting and uninteresting.

Start backwards. Choose a genre that you have genuine interest in, such as fantasy or romantic fiction. Research the best books of that genre as judged by book enthusiasts, and read them. You may want to look up books in other genres which may catch your fancy while you're at it. If there is a genre you are not sure about, try it and you might actually enjoy it.

After you feel you've become reasonably well-read in your genre, expand your variety and also read some classic or recommended books. You will understand the books of the past more after reading books of present culture, and you'll find you enjoy them more, too.

Subscribe to a magazine which deals with a subject like literature, the arts, drama or music or a mixture thereof. Read articles from this magazine on a regular schedule. One a week, two a month, or whatever your schedule will allow. Follow leads presented by the articles you read. Every once in awhile one of the articles you read will inspire you to go further with a subject. If you read a great article about Mozart, take the article to a store where you can buy CDs and ask the counter attendant to direct you to some Mozart CDs that you might like. Buy a few or borrow some from the library, take them home and listen. If you read an article about an artist who sounds interesting, look online to find out which museums feature paintings by this artist. Then plan a visit! Maybe you will read about a play or a musical. Scan your newspaper and see if a local college or high school is showing this play soon and buy tickets.

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