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Netter's Atlas Of Human Anatomy (5th Ed.).pdf
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High-Yield Facts

Clinical Points

The obturator nerve and vessels cross the floor of the ovarian fossa; therefore, ovarian disease such as malignancycan present with referred pain to the medial aspect of the thigh.

After a radical prostatectomy(removal of the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, and periprostatic tissue) for localized prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction can occur, because of inadvertent damage of the cavernous nerves (nervi erigentes), the parasympathetic fibers from the pelvic plexus that govern erection.

Clinical Points

Pudendal Nerve Block

Performed to relieve perineal pain during childbirth

Anesthetic agent is injected into tissues around pudendal nerve Injection is normallydone transvaginally

Physician palpates the ischial spine and uses his or her fingers to direct the needle so that the anesthetic is injected in the region of the ischial spine, where the pudendal nerve wraps around it to enter the lesser sciatic foramen

Pudendal blocks do not relieve the pain of contractions


Memory Aids

S 2, 3, 4 keeps the Defecation is controlled byparasympathetic fibers to the rectum and anal canal from the pelvic splanchnic poo off the floor nerves via the pelvic plexus. These nerves arise from S2, S3, and S4 spinal cord levels.

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