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11. Переведите предложения на английский язык.

1. У тебя есть несколько карандашей?

2. Я умею хорошо играть в теннис.

3. Мы поедем в Москву через несколько дней.

4. В чашке мало молока.

5. Где Миша? – Он сейчас делает домашнюю работу.

6. Друг моего брата вчера уехал в Америку.

7. Ему пришлось остаться дома с маленькой сестрой.

8. Дику нравятся ее глаза.

9. Каждый день он встает в 7 часов.

10. Следующим летом Ник с семьей поедет на Черное море.

11. Кто написал завещание?

12. Вчера Том и Моника пошли в зоопарк.

4 Вариант

1. Прочитать текст. The american family

Most American families consist of a mother, a father, and three or four children living at home. There may be relatives - grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws in the same community, but American families usually maintain separate households (1). This familial structure is knows as the "nuclear family." It is unusual for members of the family other than the husband, wife, and children to live together. Occasionally an aging grandparent may live with the family, but this arrangement is usually not considered desirable.

Although the nuclear family unit is economically independent of the rest of the family (2), members of the whole family group often maintain close kinship ties. Visiting between parents and their married children and between married sisters and brothers is frequent when they live close to each other. If they live in different communities, they keep in touch by writing letters and by telephone (3).

In the American family the husband and wife usually share important decision making. When the children are old enough, they participate as well (4). Foreign observers are frequently amazed by the permissiveness of American parents. The old rule that "children should be seen and not heard" is rarely followed,' and children are often allowed to do what they wish without strict parental control.

The father seldom expects his children to obey him without question, and children are encouraged to be independent at an early age. Some people believe that American parents carry this freedom too far. Young people are expected to break away from their parental families by the time they have reached their late teens or early twenties. Indeed, not to do so is often regarded as a failure, a kind of weak dependence.

(1858 п. зн.)

2. Переведите текст письменно.

3. Найдите и выпишите из текста предложения, определяющие его основную идею.

4. Ответьте на следующие вопросы к тексту:

1) What do most American families consist of?

2) American families usually maintain separate households, don’t they?

3) Where do an aging grandparent live?

4) What is frequent between parents and their married children and between married sisters and brothers?

5) How do the families keep in touch by if they don’t live together?

6) The father often expects his children to obey him without question, doesn’t he?

7) What is the old rule in the family?

8) How do the husband and wife usually take an important decision?

9) What are foreign observers frequently amazed by?

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