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Vocabulary Tasks

1 Complete the table finding nouns corresponding to the adjectives and adjectives corresponding to the nouns.

























2 Put the correct form of the adjective in these sentences.

a) The paintings were very gruesome. I was (appall) _________

b) This play is extremely (upset) __________ I don't want to go on watching it.

c) He makes me feel very (inhibit) ____.I don't feel able to express my feelings when he's around.

d) The sight of an audience of 2,000 people as you get up to speak is very (intimidate) ________

  1. Put the listed words in the column which you think is most appropriate.


































4 Re-write these sentences using exactly the word given.

a) I cannot believe the news you have just given me. astonishing

b) She felt her anger increasing with every word he uttered. irritated

c) When I burst the balloon the poor child leapt nearly three feet into the air. frightening

d) I can't help being very worried about the future. anxiety

e) The puppet show made the children very happy. delighted

f) I think about you all the time and then I feel unhappy. worry

g) I am utterly shocked by his rude behaviour. appalls

h) My heart is full of joy at your arrival. gladdens

5 Which of the following phrases go with mood, which phrases go with temper, and which phrases go with both? Tick the boxes.



to be in a good

to be in a bad

to be in an excellent

to be in a foul

to keep your

to lose your

6 Complete the passage with appropriate words from the box.

lonely sociable/charming enthusiasm independent charm

prejudices anxious optimism enthusiastic/carefree/vivacious

My uncle Desmond is the kind of person everyone likes. In fact, he’s so (a) _______ that neighbors and friends visit him constantly. Luckily, he enjoys other people’s company.

Almost everyone finds Desmond charming, and as far as I can say his (b) _______ lies in the fact that he always takes a positive view of life. In fact, many people find his (c) ________ infectious. I’ve seen people who are really (d) ________ suddenly forget all their terrible worries and become full of life. Last week one woman became so (e) _________ that she started dancing on the table, which amused Desmond.

Another thing I like about Desmond is that he is very broad-minded about everything from religion through food to nationality. I have really met anyone with so few (f) ________ and so much (g) ________ for life.

Not surprisingly, although Desmond lives alone, he always has company, so he never feels (h) ________. On the other hand, he doesn’t seem to need the help of anyone, in spite of being 80, and lives a very (i) _________ life.

7 Supply the best word.

1. People who are generally too concerned with their own thoughts to notice what is happening round them can be described as _____________

a) abstracted b) absent-minded c) distracted

2. A person whom other people admire has ____________

a) great fame b) an excellent reputation c) good rumour

3. A person who works seriously and with care ___________

a) is conscious b) is conscientious c) has conscience

4. A person who is not distinguished in any way is ___________

a) vulgar b) common c) ordinary

5. A person who reads and thinks a lot is ___________

a) intellectual b) spiritual c) witty

6. A person who is easily annoyed or often in a bad mood is ____________

a) nervous b) tense c) irritable

7. People who apply themselves seriously to their work are _____________

a) hardworking b) laborious

8. People who are full of life have a lot of ____________

a) liveliness b) temperament

9. People who have had a lot of practice at doing something are ____________

a) practical b) practicable c) practised

10. A person who is not very nice or friendly is ____________

a) disagreeable b) unsympathetic

11. A person who has good sense of judgment is ____________

a) sensible b) sensitive c)conscious

12. We can describe someone who is fond of sport as ____________

a) sporting b) sportive c) sporty

13. Beethhoven was _____________

a) a genie b) a genius c) genial

14. A sensitive person is one who ___________

a) is very aware of other people’s feelings b) has good sense and judgement

15. You are a reasonable person, so you are ____________

a) logical b) just and fair

16. You’re easily moved, so you ____________

a) like to go from place to place b) are emotional

17. You’re a mature person, so you are _____________

a) grown up b) ripe

18. You’re capable of affection, so you ___________

a) like to impress others b) have feeling of love for people

19. You don’t like people who are vulgar because ___________

a) they behave badly b) they are ordinary

20. You have a genial nature, so you are ______________

a) very talented b) cheerful and friendly

8 Use the word in capitals in brackets to form a word that fits in the space.

How easy is it to understand another person’s character? My friend Jack, was once a rather (1 ANNOY) __________ person. He was always getting into trouble at school because he was so (2 OBEY) ___________. In class he was very (3 TALK) __________ and never stopped making jokes. The teachers all told him he was (4 POLITE) __________ because he interrupted them. When I met him he was very (5 FRIEND) __________ and didn’t want to talk to me at all. People told me that he stole things, and that he was (6 HONEST) ____________. His school work was terrible. He didn’t take any (7 PROUD) __________ in his writing, he never spent enough time doing his homework, and he was not at all (8 CONSCIENCE) ______________.

One day he saw a gang of boys attacking an old man. Jack hated (9 VIOLENT) ____________ and he fought them all until they ran away. He was awarded a medal for (10 BRAVE) __________. After that, people changed their minds about him.


Make up a dialogue about someone in your family or one of your friends using words from the above tasks and the following phrases:

What is somebody like? (he) gives that impression

be the centre of attention not as (shy) as he seems

be the (quiet) type have a tendency to (be aggressive)

(I) can’t bear take after someone

have an (arrogant) streak be well-known for (his bad temper)

lack confidence take life as it comes

lack of respect (for) there’s something (quite distinguished) about (him)

make up (my) mind there’s a touch of the (aristocratic) about (him)

to be in good/bad mood to keep/lose one’s temper

Text 4


1) What is the minimum length of time you need to spend with somebody to know whether you are attracted to them?

2) What would turn you off somebody immediately?

3) If you could ask just three questions to find out whether somebody is your type of person, what would your questions be?

4) Have you ever spent a whole evening on a date with somebody you didn’t like?

5) What do you think speed dating is?


Read the article about a speed dating session.


Your dream partner … in five minutes!

The idea is simple – why devote a whole evening to one blind date when you can meet five potential mates in less than half an hour? Five men and five women are introduced by a master of ceremonies or chaperone. Each “couple” is given five minutes to get to know each other before moving on to the next candidate. At the end of the session, if the attraction is mutual, they can walk off together into the sunset (or at least swap telephone numbers).

We went along to a Speed dating night where these five women and five men had signed up for the event, all hoping to meet their dream partner, safe in the knowledge that if they hate each other on sight, the suffering will last only five minutes or three hundred excruciating seconds.

Craig, 21: a student

Ideal date: I’m looking for someone who makes me laugh and someone I can learn something from. She has to be a brunette though.

Best date: Claire – she’s a brunette with a great personality. She made me laugh, and I’d like to see her again.

Worst date: Erica - ugh! Awful manners and jokes. She is very absorbed with herself: totally self-centered.

Kevin, 31: a telecom salesman

Ideal date: I’ve had a few serious relationships, but at the end of the day, nothing materialized. My ideal date is a lively, pretty girl who is amusing and good to talk to.

Best date: Sindy – bubbly and lively. I’d definitely like to see her again.

Worst date: Lara – didn’t seem to be on the same planet as the rest of us. Too spaced out for me.

Adam, 21: a party planner

Ideal date: I broke up with my girlfriend of a year three months ago so now I’m after someone who is a good laugh but who you can get on a deeper level with.

Best date: Karen – stayed very enigmatic, which I liked. Very attractive. I’d like to see her again.

Worst date: Erica – a bit dizzy, I prefer somebody a bit more down-to-earth.

Jim, 25: a computer consultant

Ideal date: I didn’t come into this thinking I was going to meet the ideal girl. I just wanted a bit of a laugh. I wouldn’t use this technique to find my future girlfriend.

Best date: Sindy – sensible and fun. The sort of woman I’d take home to meet my parents.

Worst date: Claire rather stand-offish and just not interested. She didn’t ask any questions about me, and the five minutes went by very slowly.

Tony, 23: a journalist

Ideal date: I rarely pull when I’m out and about unless I know the girl first, as I’m quite shy. I’d like to meet someone who’s good fun and easy to chat to.

Best date: Sindy – lovely girl, a superb laugh. I felt really comfortable with her. I’d definitely like to see her again. Name the date.

Worst date: Lara – rambled on too much about her home town in Ireland. A relief when the five minute were up.

Karen, 26: a student

Ideal date: My ideal date is someone with intelligence, good looks, sexiness, a family man. He’s got to be sensitive and trustworthy. In other words, I’m looking for the ideal man!

Best date: Craig – really cute, young, friendly and good-looking.

Worst date: Tony – harmless, but slightly boring and much too quiet.

Lara, 23: a piano tutor

Ideal date: I like people who are open-minded and different.

Best date: Adam – I found him charming, young and really sexy.

Worst date: Jim – he was polite, but a bit too straight for me.

Sindy, 23: a florist

Ideal date: My ideal man is someone interesting, amusing and full of life. I love being outgoing and friendly, so this was the perfect dating game for me.

Best date: Tony – wonderful, interesting and fun.

Worst date: Adam – a very cool bloke but not someone I’d date. Too young.

Erica, 22: an actress and singer

Ideal date: I like tall mature men who are quite a lot older than me.

Best date: Adam – a bit young, but by far the coolest and most laid-back.

Worst date: Kevin – laddish and unambitious.

Claire, 25: an editorial assistant

Ideal date: I always manage to go out with very intense men who get very obsessive even tough I’m just looking for fun.

Best date: Adam – sexy, exotic: a really pretty boy. Yes!

Worst date: Tony – sweet but not vey inspiring. A bit drippy.

Comprehension check

  1. Who were the most and least popular men?

  2. Who were the most and least popular women?

  3. Which two men had the same taste in women?

  4. Which couple fell for each other?

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