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Missing Person

Police officer: Police Department. May I help you?

Woman: I'd like to report a missing person - my grandmother.

Police officer: Your grandmother? OK.

Woman: Yes, she went out at three o'clock this afternoon. It’s already past midnight and she hasn't come back.

Police officer: Uh-huh. What's her name, please?

Woman: Mrs. Rose Baker.

Police officer: And... how old is she?

Woman: She's seventy-eight.

Police officer: OK. Now can you describe her?

Woman: Yes, she's about five feet tall.

Police officer: Five feet, uh-huh.

Woman: She has curly gray hair and she wears glasses.

Police officer: And what is she wearing?

Woman: Let me see. A red dress and a white jacket.

Police officer: A red dress and a white jacket.

Woman: Oh, and a little with flowers on it.

Police officer: All right. We'll call you...

Woman: (Clock strikes three) Oh, Grandma, it's you! I was so worried about you. It's three o'clock in the morning.

Grandma: Why were you worried? I was out on a date.

Woman: A date? With who?

Grandma: Mr. Franklin - my new boyfriend. He's only eighty-three!

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