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Тема 14. Друковані та електронні іншомовні джерела інформації (за професійним спрямуванням). Структура системи центрального опалення.

Мета: удосконалювати навички студентів правильно використовувати нову професійну лексику; розвивати логічне мислення; виховувати культуру мовлення. Навчитися будувати монологічні та діалогічні повідомлення по темі. Формувати граматичні навички вживання пасивного стану в часах групи Continuous

Обладнання: малюнки до теми, роздруківки текстів для читання та завдань, словники.

Час проведення: 2 год.

План заняття

І Організаційний момент. Привітання

ІІ. Перевірка домашнього завдання.

ІІІ. Основна частина.

EXERCISE 1 Change the following sentences into the Passive Voice.

Example: They are solving a difficult problem now. — The problem is being solved now.

1. Don't come in! The professor is examining students. 2. Can I read the article? — No, the secretary is typing it. 3. We had to hurry. They were waiting for us. 4. It was noisy. Nobody was listening to him. 5. Does he realize that they are laughing at him? 6, Look at this man. I think he is following us. 7. Listen carefully! He is giving a very interesting talk. 8, The waiter is serving us rather fast, 9. The secretary was looking through morning mail. 10. The interpreter is translating their conversation rather well. 11. The briefing is in full swing. The correspondents are interviewing the participants of the conference. 12, The company was developing a new project. 13. You can't watch the film now. The mechanic is fixing the TV set.

EXERCISE 2 Translate the following sentences. Explain the use of the verb forms.

1. The film is being much talked about. 2. The road is still being repaired. 3. An office block is being near our school. 4. Some building work is being done in Park Avenue. 5. A new machine is being tested in the lab. 6. This question is still being discussed. 7. This material is still being used, isn't? 8. Do you know that your voice is being recorded? 9. Is the floor in the sitting room still being polished? 10. The talks are still being held.

EXERCISE 3 Respond to the following.

1) e.g.- Don't enter the room -Why?

-The floor is being painted there.

1. Don't enter the work-shop. (carry out an experiment) 2. Don't enter the assembly-hall.(hold a scientific conference) 3. Don't ride this way. (widen the road) 4. Don't enter the kitchen (install a gas stove) 5. Don't switch on the light. ( fix a lamp) 6. You can't take the tape recorder(repair)7. Don't go to the library today.(remove the furniture)

2) e.g.-What's going on in that room?(pack the things) -The things are being packed there.

1. What's going on in the sitting room? (lay the table) 2. What's going on in the park? (cut the grass) 3. What's going on in the laboratory? (test a new device) 4. What's going on in the garage? (repair the car) 5. What's going on in the lecture hall? (discuss the production plan) 6. What's going on in the office? (polish the floor)

3) e.g.- Can I have a look at the letter?(type) -I'm afraid you can't. It is still being typed.

1. Can I take the documents?(sign) 2. Can I see the visitors?(show round the plant) 3. Can I take the book?(read) 4. Can I use the tape recorder?(repair) 5. Can I study here? (wash the floor)

EXERCISE 4. Translate the following sentences. Explain the use of the verb forms.

1. Huge blocks of flats were being built all last year. 2. When we came the pool was being filled with water. 3.1 was told that my article was still being typed. 4. The car was being repaired the whole day yesterday. 5. When I left the meeting, the problem was still being discussed. 6. When I entered the hall, the young specialists were being instructed what to do. 7. At 6 o'clock the floor was still being polished.

EXERCISE 5 Transform the sentences using the Passive Voice.

e.g.- When I entered the hall they were holding a meeting there. When I entered the hall a meeting was being held there.

l. When I joined the visitors, the foreman was showing them round the machine shop. 2. When I entered the room they were still discussing the article. 3. At 5 o'clock the professor was still examining the students. 4. When we arrived in Kiev, they were still building the underground. 5. When I left the laboratory, they were still testing the device.

Words which are more or less similar in form and in meaning are called international words

For example: constitution, revolution, accumulator, alpha, alphabet, ampere, atlas, atom, banjo, barbarism, benzol, billiards, bulldog, cafeteria, caravan, catastrophe, chaos, demagogue, dynamo, economic, electric, element, energy, film, kodak, legal, minimum, philosopher

EXERCISE 1 Study the following groups of words. Find the difference in the meaning in English and Ukrainian, as in the model.

Model: physique  фізик,

Physique –будова тіла

Фізик –physicist

actualактуальний, principalпринциповий, genialгеніальний, magazineмагазин, prospectпроспект, obligationоблігація, Dutch датський, motoristмоторист, concern концерн, lunaticлунатик, probeпроба, fabricфабрика, directionдирекція, billetбілет, balloon балон, compositorкомпозитор, double standardподвійний стандарт, batonбатон, intelligenceінтелігенція, familiarфаміл’ярний, decadeдекада, genialгеніальний, productionпродукція, mayorмайор, advocateадвокат, aspirantаспірант.

EXERCISE 2 Find international words in the text1.

EXERCISE 3 Find the meanings of the English international words and translate them.

1.There's a marked contrast between his character and hers. 2. I wish to speak to the manager. 3. Last year we had 3% inflation. 4. What’s your philosophy of life? 5 Is there anything interesting on television tonight? 6. Technological progress has been so rapid over the last few years. 7. I've always had an interest in astronomy. 8. Are you coming to the football match? 9. He was a student at the University of Chicago.10. I hate people talking while I'm watching a film. 11. Britain has no written constitution. 12 The French Revolution changed France from a monarchy to a republic. 13. He was a German, travelling on a Swiss passport. 14. In wealthy parts of the country, homes cost from £ 750 000 into the millions. 15. The train leaves at three minutes to eight, so we'd better get there a few minutes before then. 16. I’d like to visit the Natural History Museum. 17. He goes to the opera (= to see an opera) whenever he can. 18. During the Second World War, the British dropped a huge number of bombs on Dresden. 19. There's a little café on the corner that serves very good coffee. 20. We stayed in a hotel on the seafront. 21. We travelled to Argentina on a tourist visa. 22. I took a taxi from the station to the hotel. 23. Twenty-eight per cent of people asked thought that the advertising of tobacco and alcohol should be banned.

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