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Audial practice № 2

23 Listen to the following in formation.

Plenty of words here grown out of people’s names, although the people themselves may now be forgotten. Some of these words are the names of discoverers or inventors. The saxophone, for instance, is named for its inventor, A. J. Sax. Some came from events or actions with which certain people were connected. The word “tram” is said to be derived from the name of James Outram, the English, who replaced the planks on which mine cars ran with a new cast iron running surface, also known as “rails”. Here are some other words from a person’ name:





Can you continue the list? What do you know about the people connected with them?

Are you interested to know who was first to invent such ordinary things as the handkerchief or the fork? Read the following micro-text to learn it.

24 Believe It or Not.

The Inventors of the Fork and Handkerchief.

King Richard II of England (1367–1440) is the inventor of the handkerchief. He ordered cloth to be cut into small pieces for giving the king to carry in his hand to wipe and clean his nose.

King Henry III of France (1551–1589) invented the fork.

He was rather untidy and often stained his snow-white collar when he was eating meat with his fingers. So he constructed a crude [kru:d] two-pronged ['tu:’proŋ] fork made of tin. He first used it in 1582 and it was a success.

25 A lot of new inventions appear every day to make our lives easier, longer, warmer, speeder. Now listen to the test about the people whose inventions have become so well-known that they are named after their creators.

26 I find the names of the inventors who gave their names to the things they created in the following list and put them down in the chart:

E. Rutherford С. Makintosh

S. Colt S. Morsey

L. Landau W. Thomson

R. Diesel С Rolls

H. Cavendish C. Benz



Year of invention








  1. listen to the text "Inventors and Their Inventions" and find information to complete the chart;

  2. check your answers with the teacher or your groupmates;

  3. read the transcript at page 164. Look up the words you do not know in your dictionary;

  4. say a few words about the inventions which were very important for automobile industry.

27 Read the text to find out what invention made the car available for ordinary people.

The internal combustion engine was invented by Karl Friedrich Benz in Germany in 1885. But the car remained little more than a toy for the rich until 1913, when the American, Henry Ford, set up the world’s first assembly line. Ford’s factory produced the cars than were cheap enough for the ordinary worker to buy. Today there are about 400 million cars in the world and every day another 100,000 cars roll off the world’s assembly lines.

As the number of cars has increased, society has become more and more dependent on the car. Million of people work in the automobile industries and our whole way of life is now built around cars. New towns and suburbs are so large that most people live too far away from schools, shops and churches to walk. Life would be impossible without a car.

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