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Text 5 International Relations

International activity is an indispensable part of the University life. Its major directions are as follows:

bilateral academic cooperation with overseas Universities and international foundations;

participation in international academic proj­ects and programs together with overseas partners;

providing training courses to international stu­dents;

promoting the university abroad and analyzing relevant international information available on the Internet;

searching for new partners for carrying out joint academic projects.

The University is constantly strengthening and expanding bilateral cooperation with the universities of Great Britain, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, the Russian Federation, the U.S.A., Turkey, Ukraine, France, and Sweden. In accordance with bilateral agreements the University accomplishes academic exchanges of instructors and students, carries out research, publishes textbooks and manuals, participates in international scientific conferences, seminars and networking.

The University does a lot as a member of the Association of European Universities and the European Fund on quality management.

Supported by the Institute of enterprises management at the University Paris-1 Pantheon-Sorbonne 'France, the BSEU School of International Economic Relations established and successfully runs the Francophone, where students, alongside with the national diploma, are awarded Certificates issued by the Sorbonne.

In partnership with overseas universities, the BSEU was implementing big international projects on the basis of the European Union grants: TEMPUS TACIS, TRANSFORM, Regional Academic Partnership supported by the fund «Know-How» and the British Council.

On a permanent basis, in accordance with annually renewed agreements visiting lecturers from the USA (Civic Education and Fulbright programs), Canada (the «Leader» program), France and Germany come to teach at the University.

The BSEU has been training international students for more than 25 years. Over 100 foreign citizens from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the Baltic States and the CIS countries are trained annually at a specialized preparatory department, major schools and postgraduate courses.

The University sends its undergraduate and graduate students for internships abroad and carries out the «Work and Travel» program providing the students with summer jobs abroad.

Expanding geography of international relations and cooperation testifies to the recognition and growing rep­utation of the University in the international education­al community.

Text 6 Research Work

The Belarus State Economic University is one of the leading centers of economic research in the country. Its departments carry out research in social and economic issues of forming market economy in the Republic of Belarus and the mechanism of its functioning. The areas of research include the problems of enterprise economics, management and marketing, accounting, analysis and auditing, statistics and price formation, finance and banking, commerce, and international economic relations.

University researchers take an active part in developing legislation, programs and conceptions of the socio­economic development of Belarus. They prepare reports, papers and analytical notes for the President's Administration and the Council of Ministers. They work in commissions, advisory panels and consulting councils whose activity is aimed at eliminating crisis phenomena in the national economy.

The University possesses research schools of econom­ics, accountancy, analysis and auditing, finance and banking, management, statistics, marketing, econometrics, and business law. Their existence facilitates efficient research and training scientific and teaching staff for the University and the Republic.

The Boards on defending Ph.D. and post-doctorate dissertations specialize in six research areas. There is a postgraduate school (aspirantura) and postdoctoral research school (doctorantura). Postgraduate students are trained in seven majors by 25 departments of the University.

The research findings of the University scholars are published annually in about 30 monographs and 50 textbooks and manuals holding an official recommendation of the Ministry of Education. The University organizes annually several international research conferences, in which both the University researchers and their colleagues from other Universities as well as from Poland, Spain, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine take part.

The University publishes «The BSEU Bulletin» and the newspaper «The Economist». It is a co-founder of such journals as «Accountancy, Finance and Auditing», «Belarusian Economic Journal», and «Hermes».

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