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2. The building schedule

A: I see there are some workmen on the site. When is the building work due to start?

B: Well. It’ll take three weeks to demolish the old building and clear away the debris. We should be ready to start the construction work in week 23.

A: How long will the sub-constructors be on site?

B: About ten weeks in total if everything goes according to plan.

A: I’m sure it will. So, we should be able to start moving the machinery in during week 34. I’ll confirm that date with our suppliers.

to demolish – руйнувати

debris – сміття, уламки

3. Project planning

A: Who’s in charge of the construction project?

B: We’ve taken on a civil engineer on a nine-month temporary contract. He’ll oversee the whole project. In fact we’re having a project meeting at 3 p.m. this afternoon to allocate responsibilities and finalise the time schedule. Why don’t you join us?

A: I can’t. I’m afraid. I’ve got another meeting scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

to allocate – розподіляти

4. Making progress

A: How’s the building work again?

B: Well, I’m afraid we’ve had a slight delay.

A: What’s the problem? We really can’t have any delays at this stage. We’re working to a really tight schedule and we’re already over budget.

B: The cement arrived late but don’t worry. I’m confident we can still meet the deadline. The crew is on stand-by and as soon as the concrete has set we can get started again.

A: OK. Keep me informed. It must be ready on time.

Delay – затримка

Deadline – крайній термін

Crew – працівники

2. Make up and present a dialog (use expressions and topics of the dialogs given above).

III Comprehensive skills

  1. software – програмне забезпечення

  2. hardware – апаратне забезпечення

  3. spreadsheets – електронні таблиці

  4. artifacts – художні вироби

  5. hinges – стержень

  6. latches – клямка, засов

  7. handle – рукоятка

  8. wire – провід

Listen to the text Hardware and software. Read the following statements, say whether they are true (T) or false (F).

  1. The storage devices and display devices are software.

  2. Everything that can be stored electronically is hardware.

  3. Applications software included the operating system.

  4. Software is often divided into two categories.

  5. Systems software includes programs that do real work for users.

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