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Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations 5th Edition

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TSCS Tennessee Self-Concept Scale

TSD target site duplication [DNA]; target-skin distance; Tay-Sachs disease; theory of signal detectability; thermionic selective detector; traditional stripchart display

TSE testicular self-examination; time since exposure; tissue-specific extinguisher; total skin electron; total skin examination; transcutaneous spinal electroanesthesia; transmissible spongiform encephalopathy; trisodium edetate; turbo-spin echo

TSEB total skin electron beam

T sect transverse section

TSEM transmission scanning electron microscopy

TSES Target Symptom Evaluation Scale

T-set tracheotomy set

TSF T cell suppressor factor; testicular feminization syndrome; thrombopoiesis-stimulating factor; total systemic flow; triceps skinfold

TsF T cell suppressor factor

TSG tumor suppressor gene

TSG, TSGP tumor-specific glycoprotein

TSGE temperature sweep gel electrophoresis

TSH thyroid-stimulating hormone; transient synovitis of the hip

TSHA thyroid-stimulating hormone, alpha chain

TSHB thyroid-stimulating hormone, beta chain

TSHR thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor

TSH-RF thyroid-stimulating hormone-releasing factor

TSH-RH thyroid-stimulating hormone-releasing hormone

TSHW Thyroid Study in Healthy Women

TSI thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin; triple sugar iron [agar]

TSIA total small intestine allotransplantation; triple sugar iron agar tSIDS totally unexplained sudden infant death syndrome

TSJ Telemedicine Society of Japan

TSL task specification language; terminal sensory latency; transport layer security [telemedicine]

TSLP thymic stroma-derived lymphopoietin

TSM type-specific M protein

TSMDB Tuberous Sclerosis Mutation Database

TSO transient spastic occlusion; trans-stilbene oxide

TSOP time from symptom onset to presentation

TSP tailspin protein; testis-specific protein; thrombin-sensitive protein; thrombospondin; tibial hole sagittal positioning; total serum protein; total sleep period; total suspended particulate [matter]; trisodium phosphate; tropical spastic paraparesis

tsp teaspoon

TSP I thrombospondin type I

TSPA thiotepa

TSPAP total serum prostatic acid phosphatase

TSPL transplant

TSPP tetrasodium pyrophosphate

TSR theophylline sustained release; thyroid to serum ratio; tissue scatter ratio [radiotherapy]; tissue standard ratio [radiotherapy]; total systemic resistance

TSS toxic shock syndrome; tropical splenomegaly syndrome

TSSA tumor-specific cell surface antigen

TSSE toxic shock syndrome exotoxin

TSST toxic shock syndrome toxin

TST thermoregulatory sweat test; thiosulfate sulfur-transferase; thromboplastin screening test; total sleep time; transforming sequence, thyroid; treadmill stress test; triceps skinfold thickness; tricipital skinfold thickness; tuberculin skin test; tumor skin test

TSTA toxoplasmin skin test antigen; tumor-specific tissue antigen; tumor-specific transplantation antigen

TsTX tityustoxin

TSU triple sugar urea [agar]

TSUV Tsuruse virus

TSV total stomach volume; total stroke volume

TSVR total systemic vascular resistance

TSWT tree-structured wavelet transform

TSY trypticase soy yeast

TSYEA trypticase soy yeast enriched agar

TT tablet triturate; talar tilt; tactile tension; tendon of Todaro; tendon transfer; terminal transferase; test tube; testicular torsion; tetanus toxin; tetanus toxoid; tetrathionate; tetrazol; therapeutic touch; thrombin time; thrombolytic therapy; thromboplastin time; thymol turbidity; tibial tubercle; tibial tuberosity; tick typhus; tigertop; tilt table; tiny T [antigen]; tissue tolerance; tolerance test; tonometry; total thyroidectomy; total thyroxine; total time; total transfer; trabecular thickness; transient tachypnea; transferred to; transit time; transthoracic; transtracheal; treadmill test; trend template; triple therapy; tritiated thymidine; tuberculin test; tuberculoid [in Ridley-Jopling Hansen disease classification]; tube thoracostomy; tumor thrombus; turnover time; tyrosine transaminase

T&T time and temperature; touch and tone

TT2 total diiodothyronine

TT3 total triiodothyronine

TT4 total thyroxine

Tt transition temperature

TTA tetanus toxoid antibody; timed therapeutic absence; tissue texture abnormality; total toe arthroplasty; transtracheal aspiration

tTA tetracycline-controlled transactivator

TTAP threaded titanium acetabular prosthesis

TTATTS Thrombolytic Therapy in Acute Thrombotic/Thromboembolic Stroke [study]

TTB third trimester bleeding

TTC triphenyltetrazolium chloride; T-tube cholangiogram

TTD temporary total disability; tetraethylthiuram disulfide; tissue tolerance dose; transfusion-transmitted disease; transient tic disorder; transverse thoracic diameter; trichothiodystrophy

TTDF time to distant failure

TTE transthoracic echocardiography

TTF thyroid transcription factor; time to failure

TTFD tetrahydrofurfuryldisulfide

TTG T-cell translocation gene; telethermography; tellurite, taurocholate, and gelatin

TTGA tellurite, taurocholate, and gelatin agar

TTH thyrotropic hormone; tritiated thymidine

TTI tension-time index; time-temperature indicator; time-tension index; time-to-intubation; torque-time interval; transtracheal insufflation

TTIdi tension time index diaphragm

TTIM T-cell tumor invasion and metastasis

T-TIME tourniquet time

TTJV transtracheal jet ventilation

TTL total thymus lymphocytes; training test lung; transistor-transistor logic

TTLC true total lung capacity

TTLD terminal transverse limb defect

TTLF time to local failure; transtelephonic monitoring [telemedicine]

TTN titin; transient tachypnea of the newborn

TTn normal trend template

TTNA transthoracic needle aspiration

TTNAB transthoracic needle aspiration biopsy

TTNB transthoracic needle biopsy

TTO time trade-off [method]

TTO2 transtracheal oxygen

TTOPP Thrombolytic Therapy in Older Patient Population [study]

TTP thiamine triphosphate; thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura; thymidine triphosphate; time to peak; time to progression; tocopherol transfer protein; transtrabecular plane; tristetraprolin; tritolyl phosphate; trusted third party

TTPA triethylene thiophosphoramide

TTR time in target range; transthoracic resistance; transthyretin; triceps tendon reflex

TTS tarsal tunnel syndrome; temporary threshold shift; The Tromo Study; through the scope; through the skin; tilt table standing; transdermal therapeutic system; twin transfusion syndrome

TTSS type three secretion system

T3/T4 syndrome low triiodothyronine/low thyroxine syndrome

TTT thymol turbidity test; tolbutamide tolerance test; total twitch time; tuberculin tine test

TTTS twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome

TTTT test tube turbidity test; Tokyo Trop-T Trial

TTV tracheal transport velocity; transfusion-transmitted virus

TTVS Transfusion Transmitted Viruses Study

TTWB toe touch weightbearing

TTX tetrodotoxin

TU texture unit [artificial neural network]; thiouracil; thyroid uptake; Todd unit; toxic unit; toxin unit; transmission unit; transurethral; tuberculin unit; turbidity unit

T3U triiodothyronine uptake

TUAV Turuna virus

TUB tubulin

TUBA tubulin alpha

TUBAL tubulin alpha-like

TUBB tubulin beta

tuberc tuberculosis

TUBG tubulin gamma

TUBS traumatic unidirectional Bankart surgical

TUCC Tissue Plasminogen Activator/Urokinase Comparison in China [study]

TUCV Tucunduba virus

TUD total urethral discharge

TUG total urinary gonadotropin

TUGMI Tsukuba University Group for Myocardial Infarction

TUGSE traumatic ulcerative granuloma with stromal eosinophilia

TuHV Tupaiid herpesvirus

TUI transurethral incision; type unique identifier [UMLS]

TUIP trans-urethral incision of prostate

TUL tumescent ultrasound liposculpture

TULIP transurethral ultrasound-guided laser-induced prostatectomy

TULV Tula virus

TUN total urinary nitrogen

TUNEL deoxyuride-5-triphosphate biotin nick end labeling

TUNV Tunis virus

TUP temporal utility program; transumbilical plane

TUPV Tupaia virus

TUR transurethral resection

TURB, TURBT transurethral resection of bladder [tumor] turb turbid, turbidity

turboFLASH turbo fast low-angle shot

TURP transurethral resection of the prostate

TURS transurethral resection syndrome

TURV transurethral resection of valves; Turlock virus

TUS trauma ultrasound

TUTase terminal uridylate transferase

TV box turtle virus; talipes varus; target volume [radiotherapy]; television; teschovirus; tetrazolium violet; thoracic vertebra; tickborne virus; tidal volume; tigre virus; Torovirus; total volume; toxic vertigo; transumbilical plane; transvaginal; transvenous; transverse; transversion; trial visit; Trichomonas vaginalis; tricuspid valve; trivalent; true vertebra; truncal vagotomy; tuberculin volutin; tubovesicular typhoid vaccine; tumor virus

Tv Trichomonas vaginalis

TVA truncal vagotomy and antrectomy

TVC timed vital capacity; total viable cells; total volume capacity; transvaginal cone; triple voiding cystogram; true vocal cords

TVCV transvenous cardioversion

TVD transmissible virus dementia; triple vessel disease

TVF tactile vocal fremitus

TVFD time-varying frequency dependence

TVG time-varied gain

TVH total vaginal hysterectomy; turkey virus hepatitis

TVHS transvaginal hysterosonography

TVI time-velocity integral

TVL tenth value layer; tunica vasculosa lentis

TVMF time varying magnetic field

TVOC total volatile organic compound

TVP tensor veli palatini [muscle]; textured vegetable protein; transvenous pacemaker; tricuspid valve prolapse; truncal vagotomy and pyloroplasty

TVR target vessel revascularization; tonic vibratory reflex; total vascular resistance; tricuspid valve replacement; triple valve replacement

TVRE transvaginal resection or endometrium

TVS transvaginal sonography; transvesical sonography

TVSS transient voltage surge suppressor

TVT tension-free vaginal tape; transmissible venereal tumor; tunica vaginalis testis

TVTV Trivittatus virus

TVU total volume of the urine

TVV Trichomonas vaginalis virus

TVX tumor virus X

TW tap water; terminal web; test weight; thyroid weight; total body water; traveling wave

Tw twist

TWA time weighted average; total wrist arthroplasty; T wave alternans [ECG]

TWAR Taiwan acute respiratory [Chlamydia pneumoniae strain]

Twb wet-bulb temperature

TWBC total white blood cells; total white blood count

TWD total white and differential [cell count]; traveling-wave dielectrophoresis

TWE tap water enema; tepid water enema

TWIST time without symptoms of disease and subjective toxic effects of treatment

TWISTER Trial of Within Stent Treatment of Endoluminal Restenosis

TWL transepidermal water loss

TWS tranquilizer withdrawal syndrome

TWs triphasic waves

TWT The Wellcome Trust; total waiting time

TWWD tap water wet dressing

TX a derivative of contagious tuberculin; no evidence of primary tumor [TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) classification]; tamoxifen; thromboxane; thyroidectomized; transplantation; treatment

T&X type and crossmatch

6TX 6-thioxanthine

Tx transplant or transplantation

Tx, Tx treatment; therapy; traction tx traction

TXA, TxA thromboxane A

TXA2, TXA2 thromboxane A2 (A2)

TXB2, TXB2 thromboxane B2 (B2)

TXDD transmitted data decoder [telemedicine]

TxDD/T transmitted data decoder/timer [telemedicine]

TXDS qualifying toxic dose

TxDE transmitted data encoder [telemedicine]

TXN thioredoxin

Ty type; typhoid; tyrosine

TYH tyrosine hydrolase

Tymp tympanic, tympanum

TYMS thymidylate synthase

TYMV turnip yellow mosaic virus

Ty-neg tyrosinase negative

Ty-pos tyrosinase positive

Tyr, tyr tyrosine

TyRIA thyroid radioisotope assay

TYRL tyrosinase-like

TYRP tyrosine-related protein

TYUV Tyuleniy virus

TZ zymoplastic tuberculin [the dried residue which is soluble in alcohol, Ger. Tuberculin zymoplastische] t1/2z terminal half-life

TZD thiazolidinedione


U congenital limb absence; in electrocardiography, an undulating deflection that follows the T wave; internal energy; International Unit of enzyme activity; Mann-Whitney rank sum statistic; potential difference (in volts); ulcer; ulna; ultralente [insulin]; umbilicus; uncertain; unerupted; unit [JCAHO unapproved abbreviation]; universal application [residency]; unknown; unsharpness; upper; uracil; uranium; urea; urethra; uridine; uridylic acid; urinary concentration; urine; urology; uterus; uvula; volume velocity

U/2 upper half

U/3 upper third

u unified atomic mass unit; velocity

Υ see upsilon

υ see upsilon

UA absorption unsharpness; ultra-audible; ultrasonic arteriography; umbilical artery; unauthorized absence; unicystic ameloblastoma; unit of analysis; unstable angina; upper airways; upper arm; uric acid; uridylic acid; urinalysis; urinary aldosterone; uronic acid; uterine activity; uterine aspiration

U/A uric acid; urinalysis

ua urinalysis

UAC umbilical artery catheter; unusual-appearing child

UA/C uric acid/creatinine [ratio]

UAE unilateral absence of excretion; urine albumin excretion

UAEM University Association for Emergency Medicine

UAGA Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

UAI uterine activity interval

UAI-C unprotected anal intercourse with casual partners

UAL ultrasound-assisted liposuction

U-AMY urinary amylase

UAN uric acid nitrogen

UAO upper airway obstruction

UAP unlicensed assistive personnel; unstable angina pectoris; urinary acid phosphatase; urinary alkaline phosphatase

UAPA unilateral absence of pulmonary artery

UAR upper airway resistance; uric acid riboside

UAS upper abdomen surgery; upstream activating sequence; upstream activation site

UAU uterine activity unit

UB ultimobranchial body; Unna boot; upper back; urinary bladder

UB 82 universal billing document [1982]

UBA undenaturated bacterial antigen; ureidoisobutyric acid

UBB ubiquitin B

UBBC unsaturated vitamin B12 binding capacity

UBC ubiquitin C; University of British Columbia [brace]

UBE ubiquitin-activating enzyme

UBF uterine blood flow

UBG, Ubg urobilinogen

UBI ultraviolet blood irradiation

UBL undifferentiated B-cell lymphoma

UBM ultrasound backscatter microscopy; ultrasound biomicroscopy

UBN urobilin

UBO unidentified bright object

UBP ureteral back pressure

UBPS ultrasound bone profile score

UBS unidentified bright signal

UBT urea breath test

UBW usual body weight

UC ulcerative colitis; ultracentrifugal; umbilical cord; unchanged; unclassifiable; unconscious; undifferentiated carcinoma; undifferentiated cells; unit clerk; unsatisfactory condition; untreated cells; urea clearance; urethral catheterization; urinary catheter; urinary catheterization; urine concentrate; urine culture; usual care; uterine contractions

U&C urethral and cervical; usual and customary

UCA ultrasound contrast agent

UCAID University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development

UCARE, U-CARE Unexplained Cardiac Arrest Registry of Europe

UCB unconjugated bilirubin

UCBC umbilical cord blood culture

UCC Uniform Code Council

UCD urine collection device; user-centered design [information system]; usual childhood diseases

UCDS uniform clinical data set

UCE urea cycle enzymopathy

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