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Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations 5th Edition

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reex re-examine

REF ejection fraction at rest; rat embryo fibroblast; referred; refused; renal erythropoietic factor; restriction endonuclease fingerprinting; right ventricular ejection fraction

ref reference; reflex

Ref-1 redox factor 1

Ref Doc referring doctor

REFI regional ejection fraction image ref ind refractive index

refl reflex

REFLECT-1 Randomized Evaluation of Flosequinan on Exercise Tolerance-Initial Efficacy Trial

REFLECT-2 Randomized Evaluation of Flosequinan on Exercise Tolerance-Dose Response Study

REFLEX Randomized Evaluation of Flosequinan on Exercise Tolerance [study]; Restenosis Rates with Flexible GFX Stents [study]

Ref Phys referring physician

REFRAD released from active duty

REFSA Randomized European Femoral Stent vs Angioplasty Trial

RefSeq Reference Sequence [NLM database]

REG radiation exposure guide; radioencephalogram, radioencephalography

Reg registered reg region; regular

regen regenerated, regenerating, regeneration

ReGIS respiration-gated irradiation system

REGRESS Regression Growth Evaluation Statin Study reg rhy regular rhythm

REGU regulation [UMLS] regurg regurgitation

REH renin essential hypertension rehab rehabilitation, rehabilitated

REIN Ramipril Effect in Nephropathy [study]

REL rate of energy loss; recommended exposure limit; resource location; resting expiratory level rel relative

RELACS Reikjavik experimental light-activated cell sorter

RELANCA relation between antineutrophil cytoplasm autoantibody [ANCA] levels and relapses of ANCAassociated glomerulonephritis and vasculitis

RELAY relayed correlation spectroscopy

RELE resistive exercise of lower extremities

RelTox Relational Toxicology [Project]

REM rapid eye movement; recent-event memory; reticular erythematous mucinosis; return electrode monitor; roentgen-equivalent-man

Rem roentgen-equivalent-man

rem radiation equivalent in man; removal

REMA repetitive excess mixed anhydride

REMAB radiation-equivalent-manikin absorption

REMAIN remission-maintenance [therapy for systemic vasculitis]

REMATCH Randomized Evaluation of Mechanical Assistance in the Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure [study]

REMBRANDT Rather Exciting and Memorable Blind Randomized Assessment of a New Drug on Three Continents

REMCAL radiation-equivalent-manikin calibration

remit remittent

REMO regional emergency medical organization

REMP roentgen-equivalent-man period

REMPAN radiation emergency medical preparedness

REMS rapid eye movement sleep

REMT trigger signal rapid eye movements

REN renal; renin

REn, Ren replication enhancer

RENAAL Reduction of Endpoints in Noninsulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus with Angiotensin II Antagonist Losartan [trial]

rENaC rat epithelial sodium channel

RENEWAL Randomized Trial of Endoluminal Reconstruction Using the NIR Stent or Wallstent in Angioplasty of Long Segment Disease

REO respiratory enteric orphan [virus]

REOP rural elderly outreach program

REP reepithelialization; repaglinide; replication protein; rest-exercise program; restriction endonuclease profile; retrograde pyelogram; Rochester Epidemiology Project; roentgen equivalent-physical

rep replication; roentgen equivalent-physical

REPA replication protein A

REPAIR Reperfusion in Acute Infarction, Rotterdam [study] repol repolarization

REPR reproductive

REPS reactive extensor postural synergy rept let it be repeated

req request, requested

RER renal excretion rate; replication error; respiratory exchange ratio; rough endoplasmic reticulum

RER+ replication error positive

RERC Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center

RERF Radiation Effects Research Foundation

RES radionuclide esophageal scintigraphy; real environment sensing [system]; Reproducibility Echocardiography Study; Rotterdam Elderly Study; reticuloendothelial system

res research; resection; resident; residue; resistance

RESAC Real-Time Expert System for Advice and Control

RESCUE Randomized Evaluation of Salvage Angioplasty with Combined Utilization of Endpoints [trial]

Res Gen Research Genetics [database]

RESIST Restenosis after Intravascular Ultrasound-guided Stenting [study]

RESNA Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America

RESOLVD, RESOLVED Randomized Evaluation of Strategies for Left Ventricular Dysfunction [study] resp respiration, respiratory; response

Resp Ther respiratory therapy

REST Raynaud's phenomenon, esophageal motor dysfunction, sclerodactyly, and telangiectasia [syndrome]; regressive electroshock therapy; Restenosis Stent Trial

RESTORE Randomized Efficacy Study of Tirofiban for Outcomes and Restenosis [trial]

RESTT respiratory therapy technician resusc resuscitation

RET reticular; reticulocyte; retina; retention; retained; right esotropia ret rad equivalent therapeutic

RETA Registry for the Endovascular Treatment of Aneurysms retard retardation, retarded

ret cath retention catheter

RETEST retention probability is initially estimated [genome computing]

retic reticulocyte

REU rectal endoscopic ultrasonography

reu radiation effect unit

REV rat encephalomyelitis virus; reticuloendotheliosis virus

ReV regulator of virion

rev reverse; review; revolution

re-x reexamination

Rex regulator x

Rext external resistance [respiration]

RF radial fiber; radiofrequency; rapid filling; readiness field; reading factor; receptive field; regurgitant fraction; Reitland-Franklin [unit]; relative flow; relative fluorescence; release factor; renal failure; replacement fluid; replication factor; replicative form; repopulation factor [radiotherapy]; resistance factor; resonant frequency; respiratory failure; respiratory frequency; reticular formation; retroperitoneal fibromatosis; rheumatic fever; rheumatoid factor; riboflavin; risk factor; root canal filling; rosette formation

RF rate of flow

Rf [in chromatography] ratio of the distance traveled by solute to the distance traveled by spot of pigment; respiratory frequency; rutherfordium

Rf in paper or thin-layer chromatography, the distance that a spot of a substance has moved from the point of application

rf radiofrequency; rapid filling

rFVIII recombinant factor VIII

RFA radiofrequency ablation; requirements for accreditation; resident functional atlas; right femoral artery; right frontoanterior [fetal position]; risk factor of atherosclerosis

RFB retained foreign body

RFC radiofrequency coil; replication factor C; request for comments; retrograde femoral catheter; rosetteforming cell

RFCA radiofrequency catheter ablation

RFD, RfD reference dose

RFDS Royal Flying Doctors Service [Australia]

RFE relative fluorescence efficiency

RFFIT rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test

rFGF1 recombinant fibroblast growth factor 1 [acidic]

rFGF2 recombinant fibroblast growth factor 2 [basic]

RFH right femoral hernia

RFI radiofrequency interference; recurrence-free interval; renal failure index; request for information

RFIED round femoral inferior epiphysis dysplasia

RFK Richardson-Flory-Kops [mask]

RFL right frontolateral [fetal position]

RFLA rheumatoid-factor-like activity

RFLP restriction fragment length polymorphism

RFLS rheumatoid-factor-like substance

RFLV restriction fragment length variant

Rfm rifampin

RFNA red fuming nitric acid

RFP rapid filling period; recurrent facial paralysis; request for proposal; right frontoposterior [fetal position]

RF-PMR radiofrequency-percutaneous myocardial revascularization [revascularization with radiofrequency energy generator]

RFPS (Glasgow) Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

RFR rapid fluid resuscitation; refraction

RFS relapse-free survival; renal function study; rotating frame spectroscopy

RFT respiratory function test; right frontotransverse [fetal position]; rod-and-frame test

RFU relative fluorescence unit

RFV right femoral vein; Royal Farm virus

RFW rapid filling wave

RG right gluteal

Rg Rodgers [antigen] rG regular gene

RgasD relative gas density

RGB red-green-blue [imaging]

RGBMT renal glomerular basement membrane thickness

RGC radio-gas chromatography; remnant gastric cancer; retinal ganglion cell; right giant cell

RGD range-gated Doppler; refractional geometric distortions [imaging]

RGE relative gas expansion

RGEA right gastroepiploic artery

RGH rat growth hormone

RGHBV Ross' goose hepatitis B virus

RGI recovery from growth inhibition

RGL random glucose level

RGM right gluteus medius

rGM-CSF recombinant granulocytemacrophage colony-stimulating factor

RGN refinement grouper number; Registered General Nurse

RGO reciprocating gait orthosis

RGP retrograde pyelography

RGR relative growth rate

RGS regulation of Gα signaling; Rieger syndrome

RGU regional glucose utilization

RGV Rio Grande virus

RH radiant heat; radiation hybrid; radiological health; reactive hyperemia; recurrent herpes; regulatory hormone; rehabilitation; relative humidity; releasing hormone; renal hemolysis; retinal hemorrhage; reverse hybridization; ribonuclease H; right hand; right-handed [person]; right heart; right hemisphere; right hyperphoria; room humidifier

Rh rhesus [factor]; rhinion; rhodamine; rhodium

Rh+ rhesus positive

Rh- rhesus negative

rh recombinant human; rheumatic

r/h roentgens per hour

RHA Regional Health Authority; relative highest avidity; right hepatic artery

RhA rheumatoid arthritis

RhAG Rh-associated glycoprotein

RHB regional hospital board [UK]; right heart bypass

RHBF reactive hyperemia blood flow

rh-BMP recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein

RHBs Regional Hospital Boards

RHC rad homolog in Cerevisiae; resin hemoperfusion column; respiration has ceased; right heart catheterization; right hypochondrium; rural health center

RHCSA Regional Hospitals Consultants' and Specialists' Association

RHD radiological health data; relative hepatic dullness; renal hypertensive disease; rheumatic heart disease

RhD Rhesus factor and D antigen

RHDV rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus

RHDV-AST89 rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus AST89

RHDV-BS89 rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus BS89

RHDV-FRG rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus FRG

RHDV-SD rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus SD

RHDV-V351 rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus V351 rhDNase recombinant human deoxyribonuclease [DNAse]

RHE retinohepatoendocrinologic [syndrome]

RHEED reflection high-energy electron diffraction rheo rheology

rhEPO recombinant human erythropoietin rheu, rheum rheumatic, rheumatoid

RHF restricted Hartree-Fock [level]; right heart failure

Rh F rheumatic fever

rhFVIII recombinant human factor 8

rhFSH recombinant human follicle stimulating hormone

RHG right hand grip

rhG-CSF recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor rhGH recombinant human growth hormone

rhGM-CSF recombinant human granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor

RHI Rural Health Initiative

RHIA registered health information administrator

RhIG Rh [rhesus] factor immune globulin

rhIGF recombinant human insulin-like growth factor [IGF] rhIL recombinant human interleukin

RHIN regional health information network

Rhin rhinology rhino rhinoplasty

RHIT registered health information technician

RHJSC Regional Hospital Junior Staff Committee

RHL recurrent herpes labialis; right hepatic lobe

RHLN right hilar lymph node rhm roentgens per hour at 1 meter

RHMAP radiation hybrid mapping program

RhMK rhesus monkey kidney

RhMk rhesus monkey

RhMkK rhesus monkey kidney

RHMV right heart mixing volume

RHN Rockwell hardness number

rhnRNP recombinant heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein

Rhnull erythrocytes which fail to express rhesus antigens

RHO rhodopsin; right heeloff

ρ Greek letter rho; correlation coefficient; electric charge density; electrical resistivity; mass density; reactivity

RhoGAM RhoD immune globulin

RHOM rhombosine

RHR renal hypertensive rat; resting heart rate r/hr roentgens per hour

RHRV relative heart rate variability

RHS radius head subluxation; Ramsay Hunt syndrome; Rapp-Hodgkin syndrome; reciprocal hindlimbscratching [syndrome]; Richner-Hanhart syndrome; right hand side; right heelstrike

RHSC Royal Hospital for Sick Children

RHSIG Rehabilitation Hospitals Special Interest Group rhSp1 recombinant human Sp1 protein

RHT renal homotransplantation

RHTC rural health training center

rH-TNF recombinant human tumor necrosis factor rh-tPA recombinant human tissue plasminogen activator rhTPO recombinant human thrombopoietin

RHU registered health underwriter; rheumatology rHuEPO recombinant human erythropoietin

rHuGCF recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor

rhuMAb recombinant human monoclonal antibody

rHuTNF recombinant human tumor-necrosis factor

RHV right hepatic vein

rHV recombinant hirudin variant

RI radiation intensity; radioactive isotope; radioimmunology; recession index; recombinant inbred [strain]; recurrent inhibition; refractive index; regenerative index; regional ileitis; regional information system; regular insulin; relative intensity; release inhibition; remission induction; renal index; renal insufficiency; replicative intermediate; resistive index; respiratory illness; respiratory index; response interval; reticulocyte index; retroactive inhibition; retroactive interference; ribosome; rosette index (or inhibition)

RI intracellular resistivity

Ri internal resistivity

ri intraclass correlation coefficient

RIA radioimmunoassay; reference information model; reversible ischemic attack

RIA-DA radioimmunoassay double antibody [test]

RIAS Roter Interactional Analysis System

Rib riboflavin; ribose

RIBA recombinant immunoblot assay

ribotyping ribonucleic acid [RNA]-typing

RIBS Rutherford ion backscattering

RIC right internal carotid [artery]; right interventricular coronary [artery]; Royal Institute of Chemistry

RICE replicating and integrating controlled expression [bacterial gene identification]; rest, ice, compression, and elevation

RICF intracellular fluid resistance

RICM right intercostal margin

RiCoF ristocetin cofactor

RICP recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy

RICU respiratory intensive care unit

RID radial immunodiffusion; reduced interference distribution; remission-inducing drug; ruptured intervertebral disc

RIDDOR Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations [UK]

RIE reactive ion etching

RIF radiation-induced fibrosis; radiological interface; release-inhibiting factor; rifabutin; rifampin; right iliac fossa; rosette-inhibiting factor

RIFA radioiodinated fatty acid

RIFC rat intrinsic factor concentrate

RIFLE risk factor and life expectancy rIFN recombinant interferon

RIFS remedial investigation/feasibility study

RIG rabies immune globulin; rat insuloma gene

RIGH rabies immune globulin, human

RIGHT [Ce]rivastatin Gemfibrozil Hyperlipidemia Treatment [study]

RIH right inguinal hernia

RIHD radiation-induced heart disease

RIHSA radioactive iodinated human serum albumin

RIKEN Institute of Physical and Clinical Research [database, Japan] rIL recombinant interleukin

RILT rabbit ileal loop test

RIM radioisotope medicine; recurrent induced malaria; reference information model; relative-intensity measure

RIMA reverse inhibitor of monoamino oxidase A; right internal mammary artery riMLF rostral interstitial median longitudinal fasciculus

RIMR Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research

RIMS resonance ionization mass spectrometry

RIN radiation-induced neoplasm; radioisotope nephrography; rat insulinoma

Rin input resistance

RINB Reitan-Indiana Neuropsychological Battery

RIND reversible ischemic neurologic deficit

RINN recommended international nonproprietary name

RIO right inferior oblique

RIOMV Rio Mamore virus

RIOSV Rio Secundo virus

RIP radioimmunoprecipitation; reflex inhibiting pattern; repeat-induced point [mutation]; respiratory inductance plethysmography

RIPA radioimmunoprecipitation assay

RIPH Royal Institute of Public Health

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