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Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations 5th Edition

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IOL induction of labor; intraocular lens

IOM inferior orbitomental [line]; infraorbital margin; Institute of Medicine [National Research Council]; Institute of Occupational Medicine [UK]; interosseous membrane; intraoperative monitoring

IOML infraorbitomeatal line

IOMP International Organization for Medical Physics

ION ischemic optic neuropathy

IONDT Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Decompression Trial

IOP improving organizational performance; intraocular pressure

IOPR intra-operative patient representation

IOR index of refraction; index of response; interoperable object reference

IORT intraoperative radiotherapy

IOS infant observation scale; International Organization for Standardization; intraoperative sonography

IOS RF intact outlet strut resonance frequency

IOT intraocular tension; intraocular transfer; ipsilateral optic tectum

IOTA information overload testing aid

ι Greek letter iota

IOTF International Obesity Task Force [WHO]

IOU intensive care observation unit; international opacity unit

IOUS intraoperative ultrasound [examination]

IOV inside-out vesicle

IOVA intraocular vision aid

IP icterus praecox; imaging plate; immune precipitate; immunoblastic plasma; immunoperoxidase technique; inactivated pepsin; incisoproximal; incisopulpal; incontinentia pigmenti; incubation period; induced potential; induction period; infection prevention; inflation point; infundibular process; infusion pump; inhibition period; inorganic phosphate; inosine phosphorylase; inositol phosphate; inpatient; instantaneous pressure; intermediate purity; International Pharmacopoeia; Internet protocol; interpeduncular; interphalangeal; interpupillary; intestinal pseudo-obstruction; intramuscular pressure; intraperitoneal; intrapulmonary; inverse planning [radiotherapy]; inverted papilloma; ionization potential; ischemic preconditioning; isoelectric point; isoproterenol; L'Institut Pasteur

IP1 incontinentia pigmenti 1

IP1 inositol-1-phosphate

IP2 incontinentia pigmenti 2

IP3 inositol triphosphate

IP4 inositol 1,3,4,5-tetraphosphate

Ip peak of inspiratory effort

Ip ionic current pump

ip intraperitoneal

i/p inpatient

IPA idiopathic pulmonary arteriosclerosis; immunoperoxidase assay; incontinentia pigmenti achromians; independent physician or practice association; independent practice organization; individual practice association; infantile papular acrodermatitis; International Pediatric Association; International Pharmaceutical Association; International Psychoanalytical Association; International Psychogeriatric Association; intrapleural analgesia; isopropyl alcohol

Ipa pulse average intensity

IPAA International Psychoanalytical Association

IPAC Information Policy Advisory Committee

IPAG The Influenza and Pneumonia Action Group

IPAP inspiratory positive airway pressure

I-para primipara

IPAT Institute of Personality and Ability Testing; Iowa Pressure Articulation Test

IPB injury-prone behavior; integrated problem-based curriculum

IPBH intraparenchymal brain hemorrhage

IPC intermittent pneumatic compression; International Poliomyelitis Congress; interpeduncular cistern; interpersonal process of care; ion pair chromatography; isopropyl carbamate; isopropyl chlorophenyl

IPCD infantile polycystic disease

IPCP interdisciplinary patient care plan

IPCS International Program on Chemical Safety; intrauterine progesterone contraception system

IPD idiopathic Parkinson disease; idiopathic protracted diarrhea; immediate pigment darkening; impedance plethysmography; increase in pupillary diameter; incurable problem drinker; inflammatory pelvic disease; intermittent peritoneal dialysis; intermittent pigment darkening; International Pharmacopeal Database; interocular phase difference; interpupillary distance; Inventory of Psychosocial Development

IPE infectious porcine encephalomyelitis; interstitial pulmonary emphysema

IPEH intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia

IPF idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; infection-potentiating factor; insulin promoter factor; interstitial pulmonary fibrosis

IPFM integral pulse frequency modulation

IPFM/SDC integral pulse frequency modulation/Smith delay compensator

IPG impedance plethysmography; inspiration-phase gas

iPGE immunoreactive prostaglandin E

IPH idiopathic portal hypertension; idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis; idiopathic pulmonary hypertension; inflammatory papillary hyperplasia; International Partnership for Health; interphalangeal; intraparenchymal hemorrhage; intraperitoneal hemorrhage

IΦE International Partnership in Health Information Education

IPHR inverted polypoid hamartoma of the rectum

IPI interpotential interval; interpulse interval

IPIA immunoperoxidase infectivity assay

IPITA International Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association

IPJ interphalangeal joint

IPK intractable plantar keratosis

IPKD infantile polycystic kidney disease

IPL inner plexiform layer; intrapleural

IPM impulses per minute; inches per minute; interphotoreceptor matrix

IPMI information processing in medical imaging

IPMS inhibited power motive syndrome

IPMT intraductal papillary mucinous tumor

IPN infantile polyarteritis nodosa; infectious pancreatic necrosis [of trout]; interductal papillary neoplasm; intern progress note; interpeduncular nucleus; interstitial pneumonitis

IPNA isopropyl noradrenalin

IPNV infectious pancreatic necrosis virus

IPO improved pregnancy outcome

IPOF immediate postoperative fitting

IPOP immediate postoperative prosthesis

IPP independent practice plan; individual patient profile; inflatable penile prosthesis; inorganic pyrophosphate; inspiratory plateau pressure; intermittent positive pressure; intracisternal A particle-promoted polypeptide; intrahepatic partial pressure; intrapericardial pressure

Ipp interpulse potential

IPPA inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation; iodophenylpentadecanoic acid

IPPB intermittent positive-pressure breathing

IPPB-I intermittent positive-pressure breathing-inspiration

IPPHS International Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Study

IPPI interruption of pregnancy for psychiatric indication

IPPO intermittent positive-pressure inflation with oxygen

IPPPSH International Prospective Primary Prevention Study in Hypertension

IPPR integrated pancreatic polypeptide response; intermittent positive-pressure respiration

IPPV intermittent positive-pressure ventilation

IPPYV Ippy virus

IPQ intimacy potential quotient

IPR imidozaline preferring receptor; immediate phase reaction; independent professional review; Institute of Process Control and Robotics [Germany]; insulin production rate; interval patency rate; intraparenchymal resistance; ipratropium; iproniazid

IP3R inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptor

i-Pr isopropyl

IPRD intellectual product [UMLS]

IPRL isolated perfused rat liver or lung iProClass integrated protein classification

IPRT interpersonal reaction test

IPS idiopathic pain syndrome; idiopathic postprandial syndrome; immersive projection system; inches per second; infundibular pulmonary stenosis; initial prognostic score; intensive care unit point system; intermittent photic stimulation; interpractice system; intrapartum stillbirth; intraperitoneal shock; ischiopubic synchondrosis

ips inches per second

IPSB index of proximity to stability boundary

IPSC inhibitory postsynaptic current

IPSC-E Inventory of Psychic and Somatic Complaints in the Elderly

IPsec Internet protocol security

IPSF immediate postsurgical fitting

IPSID immunoproliferative small intestine disease

IPSP inhibitory postsynaptic potential

IPT immunoperoxidase technique; immunoprecipitation; information processing theory; interpersonal psychotherapy; isoniazid preventive therapy; isoproterenol

IPTG isopropyl-β-thiogalactopyranoside; isopropyl thiogalactose

iPTH immunoassay for parathyroid hormone; immunoreactive parathyroid hormone

IPTT Initiative for Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer

IPTX intermittent pelvic traction

IpTX imperatoxin

IpTxa imperatoxin A

IpTxi imperatoxin I

IPU inpatient unit

IPV inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine or virus; infectious pustular vaginitis; infectious pustular vulvovaginitis; interpersonal violence, intimate partner violence; intrapulmonary vein

IPW interphalangeal width

IPZ insulin protamine zinc

IQ inhibitory quotient; institute of quality; intelligence quotient

IQAS internal quality assurance system

IQB individual quick blanch

IQCODE information questionnaire on cognitive decline in the elderly

IQOLA International Quality of Life Assessment [project]

IQR interquartile range

IQ&S iron, quinine, and strychnine

IQW interactive query workstation

IR drop of voltage across a resistor produced by a current; ileal resection; immune response; immunization rate; immunoreactive; immunoreagent; in room; index of response; impedance rheography; individual reaction; inferior rectus [muscle]; inflow resistance; information retrieval; infrared; infrarenal; inside radius; insoluble residue; inspiratory reserve; inspiratory resistance; insulin resistance; intermediate representation; internal resistance; internal rotation; interventional radiology; intrarectal; intrarenal; inversion recovery; inverted repeat; irritant reaction; ischemia-reperfusion; isovolumic relaxation

I-R Ito-Reenstierna [reaction]

I/R ischemia/reperfusion

Ir immune response [gene]; iridium

ir immunoreactive; intrarectal; intrarenal

IRA ileorectal anastomosis; immunoradioassay; immunoregulatory alpha-globulin; inactive renin activity; individual regression analysis; infarct-related artery; inwardly rectifying [current]

IR-ACTH immunoreactive adrenocorticotropic hormone

IRAD International Registry of Aortic Dissection

IrANP, ir-ANP immunoreactive atrial natriuretic peptide

IR-APAP immediate-release acetaminophen

IRAR Immunization Registry Annual Report

IRAS Insulin Resistance Atherosclerosis Study

IR-AVP immunoreactive arginine-vasopressin

IRB immunoreactive bead; institutional review board

IRBBB incomplete right bundle branch block

IRBC immature or infected red blood cell ir-BNP immunoreactive brain natriuretic peptide

IRBP intestinal retinol-binding protein

IRC inspiratory reserve capacity; instantaneous resonance curve; International Red Cross; International Research Communications System

IRCA intravascular red cell aggregation

IRCC International Red Cross Committee

IRCU intensive respiratory care unit

IRD infantile Refsum disease; isorhythmic dissociation

IrDA infrared data association

IRDP insulin-related DNA polymorphism

IRDS idiopathic respiratory distress syndrome; infant respiratory distress syndrome

IRE intelligent rules element; internal rotation in extension; iron regulatory element; iron-responsive element; isolated rabbit eye

IREBP iron-responsive element binding protein

IRED infrared emission detection; infrared light-emitting diode

IRES internal ribosome entry site; ischemia residua

IRF idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis; impulse response function; installation response force; interferon regulatory factor; internal rotation in flexion

IRFL integral red fluorescence

IRFPA infrared focal plan array

IRG immunoreactive gastrin; immunoreactive glucagon

IRGH immunoreactive growth hormone

IRGl immunoreactive glucagon

IRH Institute for Research in Hypnosis; Institute of Religion and Health; intrarenal hemorrhage

IRHCS immunoradioassayable human chorionic somatomammotropin

IRhGH immunoreactive human growth hormone

IRhPL immunoreactive human placental lactogen

IRI immunoreactive insulin; [near]-infrared interreactance; insulin resistance index

IRIA indirect radioimmunoassay

IRIg insulin-reactive immunoglobulin

IRIS Integrated Risk Information System [NLM database]; interleukin regulation of immune system; International Research Information Service; Isostents for Reperfusion Intervention Study

IRIV immuno-potentiating reconstituted influenza virosome; Irituia virus

IRK inwardly rectifying potassium [channel]

IRLED, IR-LED infrared light emitting diode

IRM information resource management; innate releasing mechanism; insect resistance management; Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine

IRMA immunoradiometric assay; intraretinal microvascular abnormalities

iRNA immune ribonucleic acid; informational ribonucleic acid

ir-NP immunoreactive natriuretic peptide

IROS intelligent robots and systems; ipsilateral routing of signal

IROX iridium oxide

IRP immunoreactive plasma; immunoreactive proinsulin; incus replacement prosthesis; insulin-releasing polypeptide; interstitial radiation pneumonitis; intraocular retinal prosthesis

IRPA International Radiation Protection Association

IRPA/INIRC International Radiation Protection Association's International Non-Ionizing Radiation


IRPTC International Registry of Potentially Toxic Chemicals

IRR insulin receptor-related receptor; intrarenal reflux

Irr irradiation; irritation

IRRD Institute for Research in Rheumatic Diseases

irreg irregularity, irregular

irrig irrigation, irrigate

IRS immunoreactive secretion; incident reporting scheme; infrared sensor; infrared spectrophotometry; insulin receptor species; insulin receptor substrate; insulin-related substrate; Intergroup Rhabdomyosarcoma Study; internal resolution site; International Rhinologic Society; Invasive Reperfusion Study; ionizing radiation sensitivity

IRS-1 insulin receptor substrate 1

IRS-2 insulin receptor substrate 2

IRSA idiopathic refractory sideroblastic anemia; iodinated rat serum albumin

IRSE inversion recovery spin-echo

IRT immunoreactive trypsin; interresponse time; interstitial radiotherapy; item response theory

IRTIS Integrated Radiation Therapy Information System

IRTO immunoreactive trypsin output

IRTU integrating regulatory transcription unit

IRU industrial rehabilitation unit; interferon reference unit

IRV inferior radicular vein; inspiratory reserve volume; intelligent radiology workstation; inverse ratio ventilation; Italian ringspot virus

IrVd Iresine viroid

IRW intelligent radiology workstation

IRX Information Retrieval Experimental Workbench

IS ileal segment; iliosacral; immediate sensitivity; immune serum; immunostaining; immunosuppression; impingement syndrome; incentive spirometer; index of sexuality; infant size; infantile spasms; information services; information system; infundibular septum; insertion sequence; in situ; insulin secretion; interaction site; intercellular space; intercostal space; interictal spike; international standards; interstitial space; interventricular system; intracardial shunt; intraspinal; intrasplenic; intrastriatal; intraventricular septum; invalided from service; inversion sequence; ischemic score; isoproterenol

I-S incudostapedial

Is incision superius

is in situ; island; islet; isolated

ISA ileosigmoid anastomosis; industry standard architecture [computer interconnection]; Information Science Abstracts; Instrument Society of America; intracarotid sodium amytal; intraoperative suture adjustment; intrinsic simulating activity; intrinsic stimulation activity; intrinsic sympathomimetic activity; iodinated serum albumin; irregular spiking activity

Isa spatial average intensity [pulse]

ISAAA International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications

ISAAC International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood

ISADH inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone

ISAGA immunosorbent agglutination assay

ISAKEMP Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol

ISAM indexed sequential access manager; Intravenous Streptokinase in Acute Myocardial Infarction [trial]

Isapa spatial average pulse average

ISAPI Internet server application program interface

ISAPS International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

ISAR Intracoronary Stenting and Antithrombotic Regimen [trial]

Isata spatial average, temporal average intensity [pulse]

ISB incentive spirometry breathing

ISBI International Society for Burn Injuries

ISBN international standard book number

ISBP International Society for Biochemical Pharmacology

ISBT International Society for Blood Transfusion

ISC immunoglobulin-secreting cells; innerstrand crosslink; information system center; insoluble collagen; International Society of Cardiology; International Society of Chemotherapy; intensive supportive care; intershift coordination; interstitial cell; irreversibly sickled cell

IS&C image save and carry

Isc short circuit current

ISCAB Israeli Coronary Artery Bypass [study]

ISCAS International Society for Computer-Aided Surgery

ISCB International Society of Computational Biology

ISCD International Society of Clinical Densitometry

ISCF interstitial cell fluid

ISCL integrated secure communication layer

ISCLT International Society for Clinical Laboratory Technology

ISCM International Society of Cybernetic Medicine

ISCN International System for Human Cytogenetic Nomenclature

ISCO immunostimulating complex [vaccine]; Information System for Clinical Oncology [UK]

ISCOAT Italian Study on Complications of Oral Anticoagulant Therapy

ISCOM immune stimulatory complexes in matrix

ISCP infection surveillance and control program; International Society of Comparative Pathology

ISCVS International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery

ISCW immunosuppression of streptococcal wall [antigen]

ISD immunosuppressive drug; implant support device; Information Services Division; inhibited sexual desire; intermediate sulfate domain; interset distance; interstimulus distance; interventricular septal defect; isosorbide dinitrate

ISDB information source database

ISDN integrated services digital network; isosorbide dinitrate

iSDR inducible stable DNA replication

ISE inhibited sexual excitement; intelligent synthesis environment; International Society of Endocrinology; International Society of Endoscopy; inversion spin-echo pulse sequence; ion-selective electrode

ISEFT ion-sensitive field effect transistor

ISEK International Society of Electromyographic Kinesiology

ISEM immunosorbent electron microscopy

ISF interstitial fluid

ISFC International Society and Federation of Cardiology

ISFV interstitial fluid volume; Isfahan virus

ISG Ibopamine Study Group [trial]; immune serum globulin

ISGE International Society of Gastroenterology

ISH icteric serum hepatitis; in situ hybridization; internal self helper; International Society of Hematology; International Society of Hypertension; isolated septal hypertrophy; isolated systolic hypertension

ISHAM International Society for Human and Animal Mycology

ISHT International Society for Heart Transplantation [registry]

ISHTAR Implementing Secure Healthcare Telematics Application

ISI infarct size index; information science innovations; initial slope index; injection scan interval; injury severity index; Institute for Scientific Information; insulin sensitivity index; International Sensitivity Index; International Standardized Index; interstimulus interval

ISIH interspike interval histogram

ISIS image selected in vivo spectroscopy; imaging science and information system; Information Society Initiative for Standardization; information system-imaging system; integrated survey information system; intelligent selection and imaging studies; interactive system for image selection; International Infarct Survival [Trial]; International Study of Infarct Survival

ISIS-2 Second International Infarct Survival [Trial]

ISIT interactive simulation and identification tool

ISKDC International Study of Kidney Diseases in Childhood

ISKV Issyl-Kul virus

ISL inner scapular line; instrumental spatial linkage; interspinous ligament; isoleucine

ISLAND Infant Size Limitation: Acute N-Acetylcysteine Defense [trial]

ISLAV Isla Vista virus

ISM industrial-scientific-medical [telemedicine, wireless transmission]; Information Source Map [UMLS]; International Society of Microbiologists; intersegmental muscle

ISMB Intelligent System for Molecular Biology

ISMED International Society on Metabolic Eye Disorders

ISMH International Society of Medical Hydrology

ISMHC International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology

ISMHO International Society of Mental Health Online

ISMN isosorbide mononitrate

ISMO International Society of Mental Health Online [telemedicine]

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