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5. The operation will be watched by young doctors.

  1. Молодые врачи наблюдали за операцией.

  2. За операцией наблюдали молодые врачи.

  3. За операцией будут наблюдать молодые врачи.

6. Parliament is made up of two Houses.

  1. Парламент состоял из двух палат.

  2. Парламент будет состоять из двух палат. 3. Парламент состоит из двух палат.

7. The Queen's power must be limited by Parliament.

  1. Королевская власть была ограничена парламентом.

  2. Королевская власть должна быть ограничена парламен-том.

  3. Королевская власть будет ограничена парламентом.

8. The exercises are to be done.

  1. Упражнения были выполнены.

  2. Упражнения должны быть выполнены.

  3. Упражнения будут выполнены.

Exercise 3. Express surprise.

Example:. A new dress was bought.

Was a new dress really bought?

  1. The dress was made by Ann.

  2. The bridge was built in 1899.

  3. The letter was written in English.

  4. His article is printed on page 4.

  5. She will be invited to the club.

  6. He was asked at the lesson.

  7. The article has been just translated.

  8. The news has been already heard.

  9. This book will be much spoken about.

  1. Tom was struck with the difference between two girls.

  2. Nothing was said about our plan.

  3. No questions will be asked.

  4. The plan will be changed.

- 72 -

- 73 -

  1. English is taught at your Institute.

  2. The two sides of the river are connected by a bridge.

Exercise 4. Disagree with the following statement.

Example: Such maps were used a hundred years ago.

- No, such maps were not used a hundred years ago.

  1. Many examples will be given.

  2. She was beautifully dressed.

  3. A new globe was brought into the classroom.

  4. This area was often visited by scientists.

  5. New instruments were given to the scientists.

  6. The ditails are now known.

  7. New lenses were brought to our laboratory.

  8. The instruments were put on the table.

  9. The first fish was caught an hour ago.

  1. The floor in my room is made of wood.

  2. This letter is written by me.

  3. The letter was sent yesterday.

  4. The book was translated last year.

  5. It must be translated from English into Russian.

  6. The instruments used by the expedition were sent from Moscow.

Exercise 5. Open the brackets using the correct form of the Passive Voice. Example: This text (to be being written) in pencil now. This text is being written in pencil now. 1. The question (to discuss) everywhere.

  1. The doctor (to send for) tomorrow.

  2. Ten thousand railway carriages (to make) by our works every year.

  3. Much new material (to collect) every month.

  4. Millions of letters (to send) every year.

  1. The table (to cover) with a red cloth.

  2. This girl (to speak about) much.

  3. The essense of Darwin's theory of evolution (to know) to every educated person.

  4. New houses (to build) in our district nowadays.

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