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1.5 Decide whether these statements are true or false:

    1. The Book of the Dead takes life away.

    2. The Book of the Living gives life.

    3. They have found Imhotep in Caire and raised those that serve him.

1.6 Watch again and answer the questions. Try to give some more details:

1. Who wanted to conquer the world?

2. What was the plan of the Scorpion King after defeating?

3. What happened to the Scorpion King when his task was done?

4. What were the O’Connells looking for in the temple?

5. Can you describe the tattoo on Rick’s hand?

6. What was the sign on the chest?

Episode 2


Vocabulary notes:

to send troops – посылать войска

weird dream – странный сон

to coincide (What a coincidence!) – совпадать

to be cautious – быть осторожным

scepter – скипетр

to slap on smb. – наколоть (тату)

to beckon smb. to death – зажарить до смерти

to wink at travelers – моргать путешественникам

to lighten up – освещать, просветлять; облегчать; проясняться

to yell for smb. – кричать; вопить

dismemberment – расчленение

take out – справиться

Hooray! – ура!

the old play – знакомая история

a catch – подвох

    1. Fill in the gaps with the nouns in the conversation between Evy and Rick at home and act the dialogue:

Evy: “I think the (1)…….. is some sort of (2)…….to the lost (3)………of Ahm-Shere.”

Rick: “Evy, I know what you’re thinking and the (4)……..’s no. We just got (5)……. .”

Evy: “That’s the (6)……… of it. We’re already packed.”

Rick: “Why don’t you just give me one good (7)………?”

Evy: “It’s just an (8)………, darling. A beautiful, exciting, romantic oasis.”

Rick: “The (9) …….with the white, sandy (10)…….. and the palm (11)……..and the cool, clear, blue (12)………? We could have some of those big (13)……….with the little (14)……….. .”

Evy: “Sounds good.”

Rick: “Sounds too good. What’s the (15)………?”

Evy: “Supposedly it’s the resting (16)………. of Anubis’s (17)………. .”

Rick: “You see? I knew there’s a (18)……… . There’s always a catch. How did I know that? And let me guess. It was commanded by that Scorpion King (19)…….?”

Evy: “Yes, but he only awakens once every 5.000 years.”

Rick: “And if someone doesn’t kill him, he’s gonna wipe out the (20)……… .

Evy: “How did you know?”

Rick: “I didn’t, but that’s always the (21)……….. .”

Evy: “The last known (22)............. to actually reach Ahm Shere was sent by Ramses the Forth over 3.000 years ago. He sent over a thousand (23)…….”

Rick: “None of them was ever seen again.”

Evy: “How did you know?”

Rick: “I didn’t, but that’s always the (24)……… .”

Evy: “Did I mention the (25)……… of gold?”

Rick: “Twice”.

Evy: “Alexander the Great sent (26)……… in search of it”.

Rick: “Hooray for him”.

2.2 Decide whether these statements are true or false:

  1. Evy’s first weird dream coincides with Russian New Year.

  2. Evy and Alex are the only things that matter to Rick.

  3. The Bembridge scholars have been begging Evy to run the Egyptian Museum.

  4. Egyptian asps are not poisonous.

  5. Ardeth Bay is a Medjai.

  6. Mr. Hafes (the curator) works at the British Museum.

  7. They could not remove the creature from his grave.

  8. That woman with him (Anck-su-namun) knew things no living person could possibly know.

  9. She knew exactly where the creature was buried.

  10. She would obviously lead them to the bracelet.

  11. When Alex stuck the bracelet on, he saw the Statue of Liberty then straight across the desert to Karnak.

  12. Alex had started a chain reaction that could bring about the next apocalypse.

  13. They had 5 days before the Scorpion King awakened, because the bracelet was on.

  14. If Imhotep was not killed, he would raise the Army of Anubis and he would save the world.

  15. Whomever could kill the Scorpion King could send his army back to the Underworld or used it to destroy mankind and ruled the Earth.

  16. Imhotep was tough enough to take out the Scorpion King.

  17. Ardeth could drive the bus.

    1. Complete the sentences:

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