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Part 3. Key to grammar

3.1. Key to Infinitive

Infinitive as Subject

  1. To realize that he had been punished for nothing was extremely unpleasant, but he couldn't but take the punishment uncomplaining.

  2. To travel all over the world had always been Helen's lifetime dream that, unfortunately, was never to come true.

  3. “To fly to the Moon would be fun if it weren't so expensive, that is why we won't be able to afford it for another couple of years. So, you'll have to wait,” said Miriam to her 4-year-old son who kept asking his mother to take him to the Moon.

  4. To live in a big city is much more expensive than to live in the country, besides, to breathe in the fresh rural air is much healthier, and to have an orchard and a vegetable garden right at hand is very convenient.

  5. To know the theory does not necessarily mean to understand how something works and on the contrary, to be a good practitioner does not imply to be as good a theorist.

  6. To have relied on him in that situation was certainly a mistake I can't forgive myself for. I should have never done anything like that.

  7. To become a good professional requires a lot of persistence, knowledge and devotion to what you do.

  8. To have set a goal is halfway to success. To work hard on achieving it is the other half.

  9. To cancel our plans, to keep on ignoring him as far as I was able to was my final and most sensible (sound) decision.

  10. To watch them working in the garage has become her full-time (main) occupation.

  11. Despite all the impending danger, to be trapped here with him was a kind of heaven.

  12. To be reckless (to behave/act recklessly) in Forks would take a lot of creativity – maybe more than I had.

  13. To have my eyes so filled with tears that I could not see his features clearly was wasteful-insanity.

  14. To call this other vehicle a motorcycle hardly seemed fair, since it didn't seem to belong to the same family as my suddenly shabby-looking bike.

  15. To answer his question without hurting his feelings or mine seemed to be the hardest thing in the world.

  16. To speak the word was to make it final. It would be the same as typing the words The End on the last page of a manuscript.

  17. To look away first was a mistake only an incompetent liar would make, and I was not an incompetent liar.

  18. To commit the murder I ached to commit was wrong. I knew that. But leaving him free to attack again could not be the right thing either.

  19. “To murder a blameless child in cold blood is another thing entirely no matter what risk she presents to us. If we make exceptions to protect ourselves, we risk losing the essence of who we are,” Carlisle said after a brief moment of silence leaving no chances for a compromise.

  20. When life offers you a dream beyond any of your expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.

  21. "Say, have there been any warnings about bears around here?" – "No, sir. But it's always good to keep your distance and store your food correctly.

  22. It will soon be hard to even remember the reason for all this mess. My birthday already felt like the distant past.

  23. It wouldn't be easy to talk to her now, especially, to ask her to do me a favor.

  24. It is depressing to realize that I am not the heroine anymore, that my story is over.

  25. It would be probably better not to involve adults who might mention this to Charlie

  26. It was hard to pull myself together, to not give myself away. And it was even harder to answer, to say the word.

  27. Once you begin to care about a person, it is impossible to be logical about that person anymore.

  28. When Jacob explained it like that, it was nearly impossible not to feel compassion for Sam. I had to keep reminding myself that there was no reason to hate him anymore.

  29. She complained lightly about the increase in the boys' appetites, but it was easy to see she didn't mind taking care of them.

  30. It may be wrong to be so involved with myths and legends, to turn my back on the human world, but I like it this way.

  31. It was enough to listen to the stories of the family I'd once dreamed of belonging to.

  32. To know that I would have an easy out was comforting, but it wasn't enough to make me hopeful, to make me feel the relief she obviously felt.

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