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Fig. 11. (continued).

current can control the DC bus voltage Vdc, and the q-axis current can control the reactive power Qi. The DC bus voltage reference V*dc is set to 3500 V while the reactive power command Q*i is set to zero for unity power factor operation. The phase angle qs, for the transformation between abc and dq frame, is detected from the three phase voltages at the low voltage side of the grid-side transformer by using the phase-locked loop (PLL). The angular position of the dq reference frame is controlled by a feedback loop which regulates the q-axis component to be zero, where the d-axis component depicts the voltage vector amplitude and its phase is determined by the output of the feedback loop.

4. The proposed power leveling control and DC bus voltage control system

4.1. PMSG output power reference system

The PMSG output power reference Pref in Fig. 3 is determined by control system as shown in Fig. 8. The operating point to obtain maximum power for each wind speed is set (wind speed Vw (m/s), rotational speed um (pu)) and expressed as a rst-order function. In this paper, the rated PMSG power is 2 MW and is set to 1 pu and the operating points are set to 11 m/s, 0.9 pu and 12 m/s, 1 pu. Consequently, the rst-order function determines the reference vary

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